LTE draining more battery


Ok someone make me understand why my battery drains out faster when I use 4G LTE as compared to HSPA. Is there a work around?


Which phone are you using? If it has an MTK chip, that might be the problem.


Lumia 640 XL, Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, could it be the cause?


Have you upgraded the software?


Yea, been on the latest Insider Preview builds for long, the latest one being build 15240. Thought it was a build issue so I reverted to the Creators Update 15063 which is more stable, but the battery drain on 4G is still the same, it’s faster than on 3G


There is an issue with battery drain with the current updates. That must be the issue. But also, keep in mind this is a 2015 device and 4G and battery drain are issues that were not well addressed two years ago.


I think your 4G reception is not good.

Think about this for a moment…

4G is super fast so it has to send and receive tons more packets than 3G. Therefore, to achieve this it must ensure the best possible link to the cell tower. If the signal is not optimal, the phone MUST increase power to the antenna hence the battery drain.


Maybe i just need to get a newer device


or try locking network to 4G only.
Some devices drain battery more when network selection is AUTO


if he does this then no phone calls