Little launching Electric bus shuttle service,your thoughts?


How many passengers does this shark carry?


That looks like a 14 seater Mat don’t you think??? Its time the local players style up or Uber is gonna eat their lunch…I already see SA’s minibus industry is in panic mode coz of this new developments.If Our Matatu industry is not scared of this,they better be…on these Uber buses,its all about the app and the experience…Just the driver,No conductor…very disruptive in my opinion.Matatu owners and customers will love it of course…Everyone else will hate it…


Its 16 seater…edit: Is that enough to exempt it from the ban? Or is it a different kind of service? Or will they have a different kind of bus for Kenya? Its interesting. It would be nice if they can solve the madness in public transportation here…


I think in Kenya,they are going to try a different approach…first they may approach existing transport providers like a few logistic companies or a pretty organized sacco which can meet their customer experience standards…then do a pilot with one or two 16 seater or bigger on select routes based on their data…just like their pilot in Egypt…for example,two routes like JKIA-CBD-Kikuyu and NgongRoad - CBD- Thika Road…Solving the madness that is public transport is tricky but what i am sure off is they are going to come into the market with such a different style and strategy that i will catch the competition offguard,they will have met all the legal requirements and since they arent a monopoly in the industry it will be difficult to fight them without being organized and styling up on the customer experience.The local market is ripe and ready,they could start with targeting the existing middle class base of kenyans,then tourists and then the upper class and expartiates in Karen,Muthaiga,Ridgeways,lavington,Kileleshwa and Runda.Just like they did with the taxi business.Then as they scale up they can add more saccos or organized companies/fleets that are PSV compliant and meet their experience requirements…big buses or small,it doesnt matter,Technology is what is going to disrupt/upend the industry


It carries 18



this is great news for 2019,hopefully this new year we will see Uber and Little take market share in Nairobi and change public transit in this city.I like the fact that they are partnering with companies which have bigger and cleaner buses…Standards are about to go up.


A scheduled bus system would be brilliant. Especially because the existing squadi system is so hopelessly broken.

I do hope that they can tame matatu madness.


The beauty of apps/platforms is efficiency,data makes available resources to be efficiently used thus lower prices and higher revenue.Better customer understanding wins in the end…


Got this from a WhatsApp group…


Sounds more like a Corporate Staff Transport solution than anything public facing…what happened to encouraging public signups?..Well,Whatever their strategy is…i wish them well.Personally,i am looking forward to actual public pilots when i can sign up…Meantime,i will keep the little app installed.