Let's talk about this Safaricom 4G Plus


They must increase their speeds if they expect people to pay more.

They seem to be changing their packages so that they aren’t exactly aligned with Safaricom’s packages. Such as by having 30mbps which is between Safaricom’s 20mbps and 40mbps.


Theoretically, YES!


Only two packages are getting a speed increase 20 to 30, the rest no.


Anyone ever used Telkom’s E@synet? I need a stable Internet connection for a home office but there’s no FTTH yet. The funny thing is that Safaricom laid their fibre here; over 2 years ago! Those s**kers dug out & broke my bore hole water pipe twice. They apologised saying that I would enjoy the service ‘soon’! Anyway, is E@synet good enough? Has anyone here ever tried it?


Nah,You need at least 10Mbps to stream 1080p content comfortably


5Mbps is working just fine.
Edit: 1440p also works fine.


Just be a little bit patient. Let’s wait for Faiba 4G and Airtel 4G. I also considered it but I decided to wait and see how internet wars develop.


Did a Speed test in a rural area with 4G over the weekend. I got the highest speed i’ve achieved on a Cellphone. Seems the site was underutilised or Safaricom was on steroids.


I guess it’s underutilized. Even 3G is pretty fast in the village. I will do a speed test for 4G when I’m there and see.


Funny…I ended up with this phone.


I don’t think it is underutilized, guess it’s because there is a relatively smaller population. Same case applies here at home. Wait for December, you have a connection but can’t return even a WhatsApp message on 3G…