Let's talk about this Safaricom 4G Plus


I found an ISP which provides 7mbps at 2500/= pm and 15mbps at 4500/=. I guess I’m going to pick these ones in the mean time. Where did you get the fiber estimates data? Utawala already have Zuku so I’m not sure why it would take 18 months for the fiber to be stretched less than 5kms to the neighbouring town


Which ISP is this?

Zuku’s last area of coverage is 50 meters away from our estate and it has been that way for over 4 years now. We have tried to talk to them and the responses were heart breaking.

Safaricom Fiber is 1KM away and funny enough they have taken the fiber to only a single place around that area of Umoja along Kangundo road (East Villa Apartments). Keep in mind that area is already served by Zuku and Liquid Telcom.

So you can imagine.


These weren’t estimates this was from their corporate office when I called to inquire. Safcon is 500M away but we haven’t seen anyone come to do anything since they laid it out mid last year.


For those who have a 5mbps connection, is it sufficient for your needs(what are your needs??Can you stream a 1080p video without buffering?


It depends on what you are used to and what your needs are. I started with 512kbps in 2011 and it was enough for work and entertainment, though buffering was the norm here.
Once I upgraded to 10mbps, I found more things to do, 720p became normal and now 50 am doing 1080 and occasionally 2K, with three devices that are constantly streaming. Added a few users who are hogs.

5mbps cannot do this. 720p maybe.


Its a local ISP ESSolutions LTD.
ISPs like Faiba, Safricom, Zuku etc need to conduct a ground survey on potential customers in areas they haven’t covered. Its mind boggling why they choose to compete in the same places while there is a much bigger market tht is yet to be exploited. Zuku seem to be comfortable with what they have right now thats which explains their reluctance to extend their services 50m away to people who are willing to pay.


1080p youtube videos stream just fine if your connection is not busy.

720p is the sweet spot though.


yeah, if there are no other heavy traffic users. if you are alone it works fine.


Theoretically it’s possible to stream almost all 1080p videos without buffering if you have all that speed at your disposal. However, the internet is not perfect and periodic slowdowns often occur. This means that your 5 Mbps connection cannot transfer data at maximum speed all the time. Therefore even though it’s mathematically possible to stream without buffering, things are different in the real world. On a good day you won’t see any buffering on a FHD video but during busy hours, you’ll see slight but acceptable buffering once in a while. If you want to stream 1080p with no buffering almost 99% of the time, you need additional headroom for the occasional slowdowns - that means a faster connection. This is simply because when, for instance, a 10Mbps connection slows down, it won’t get to the level of a slow 5Mbps connection. Therefore you have a little more headroom to ward off potential buffering. You could get a dedicated 5Mbps connection which assures you of almost all the bandwidth all the time. From what I understand, most fiber optic connections in Kenya are shared hence you’re safer going for at least 10Mbps. Dedicated lines are naturally more costly than shared ones.


That’s why i wanted you guys to share your experiences.

I want to save money.
I’ll try the 5Mbps first.
Thank you everyone.


I strongly believe by the time you are coming to this forum to ask, then 5 Mbps is definitely NOT for you. It’s enough for administrative tasks, browsing and the occasional attachments, but depending on where you live - how crowded it is directly affects your speeds - you might want to go with the 10Mbps people are pitching you.


I don’t use FTTH so I can’t tell you about real world experience. There must be someone here who has used 5Mbps FTTH. Maybe @General @barbzy @deewinc @BoazKE @lukirdem @iamtembo or @bhattkishan9 could help.


I use HFC and the only downside is upload speeds, other than that, a symmetrical 5Mbps FTTH is okay for kawa stuff. It all depends on your use for it. I would go by your suggestion, start with the 5Mbps then upgrade when your needs increase.


You should subscribe to 5Mbps and if it doesn’t meet your needs I’m sure upgrading is easy because no additional installation is required.


Yeah I use FTTH.

Personally, I use Zuku 20 Mbps. However, I guess 5Mbps should be fine for YouTube streaming, but at 720p.


Thanks for the reply. I think Sam now has enough to make a decision.


The good thing is even if i go with the 10 Mbps i’ll still be saving money(about Ksh. 500). Let’s hope the 5 Mbps works out. You are all right-10 Mbps is better. I did a speedtest on Safaricom’s 3G(can play 1080p without buffering) and i got about 7 Mbps.


mowlem hights apartments also has safaricom FTTH it seems they are targeting the apartments not single house connections


I heard Zuku are increasing their prices come this September so as to cover operation costs


They said they are also increasing their speeds. Allegedly.