Let's jump on Ethereum,while we still have time


KCB cant help you. Equity is the bank for PayPal.


I knew etherum when it was about $20 a coin. Tried buying several but my transaction could not go through. There was a cap on coinbase at that time. I gave up. I checked on it about six months later. Wueh. Ebu mgezz nani alipata chest pains. I would have bought a whole car with the profits.


Tried to buy one too. Coinbase was not accepting payments from Kenya. I do not think they still do.

I only knew about Coinbase during that time.


I still use the app to check prices since its the most reliable “cryto price check platform” to me (real time, simple). But they never accept payments from Kenya, I dont think they will any time soon. Maybe due to their way of linking bank accounts to enable buying and selling in real time.


I opened mine with Nakumatt Global card back in the day. But I believe any bank should work, not just Equity.


I will try later this week.