KPLC Token Charges


Pole baba, mine has never hang and i buy the kawaida way using 888880 via the Safaricom App Bill Manager (nilisahau story za Mula App kitambo after Safcom App introduced this feature) my KPLC token texts come immediately after buying tokens, a minute never passes.

Meanwhile i got 99 token units this time round. The screenshot below shows the two transactions with the same amount of money. Hii sasa hadi January ikiingia February huko. :grin:


Its 15 bob average right now…the cheapest i have seen in the last 10 years…i bought for 1000bob and got 66.31 units…lasted a month properly…before august i used to use 1400 a month…august to october 1800 a month since they hiked price per unit to an average of 22bob and lied that removing the fixed charge would make elec cheaper…SMH!!


It seems the mainstream media just today learned of this. I’m seeing news articles and twitter rage.