KPLC Token Charges


Goodness 99 units for 1,500/-? i bought a day before the adjustment and got 67units for the same amount smh


Just bought mine today… Got 99.46 … :grin: This is awesome walai


Just wondering how much units you guys use per month, I average 250-300 mostly due to AC so this is quite a relief


I have never used more than a 100… you use 250??? what kind of electronics do you use??? gaming PC or something? Alafu kwani you live on top of mount kenya to keep ac on all the time? :joy::joy:


AC hunyonya at least 12 units per night, you need an AC on Mombasa especially if you intend to get laid.


:joy::joy::joy: ooohh, okay :man_facepalming:


I stayed where there were trees during my stay in Mombasa and it was the best thing. I needed no AC but once nikitoka that surrounding ilikua balaa.


HAHA my 10 units per month is pure comedy I guess.


Heh, ukinunua za this month ebu tuambie how much you’ll pay and how many units you’ll get.
I bought around 230 Units yesterday & paid ≈22 bob each, but naona @Omgitsdes alilipa around ≈15 bob per unit.


Show off :smile: naskia wivu already,

I don’t calculate my electricity with units but by KShs, i religiously top up 1,500/- after every two months.

wewe unakaanga kwa nyumba kweli? ama token meter yako ni zile zinanyongwa na landlord/caretaker to ease up on tenants


:joy::joy::joy: wee, @wizmelavin atatuonyesha mambo… Kwani ni bulb moja pekee uko nayo?


Haha nimetumia 4 units since last Thursday. Ni hot shower, laptop na woofer tu. Hizo vitu zingine niliweka after kutumia 14 units week fulani hapo. Mimi ata solar nimejaribu nikitry kusave farther. Costs 10k. Battery 4k,panel 3k,adapter Yenye iko na ports mbili za USB 1500, cables 1000. speakers za DC at 3000 kama unataka ku complete the setup. Makes me wonder why safaricom charge 50k for their solar solution. After that unatumia units 5 mwezi yote.


I just got 67 units for 1,500, apparently not everyone will benefit if you used more than 100kwh inthe last 3 months you are rich enough to pay the full price


Aah, seems sisi watu wa 100+ units have been left out :unamused:


So the decrease came with terms and conditions smh


How come one can buy airtime, pay for DSTV/ Zuku/Startimes and send money to a person on the other side of the world instantly but get buy Prepaid tokens several minutes/ hours later …?!


I have always bought my tokens with Equity’s Eazzy Banking app using kplc tokens business number (888880). The tokens message ALWAYS comes within 10 minutes to my registered m-banking phone number. About a month ago the tokens message didn’t come so I called Equitel customer care after about an hour. The rep told me that i had gotten the tokens but the text message wasn’t delivered to my phone (she blamed the network - - Airtel, as did I).

Anyway, she asked some questions to verify that it was my Equity account (eg. in which branch is my account located?). Once I passed the test she read the token number to me and my troubles were all over. Apart from that situation, Eazzy pay has never failed me plus it has zero charges. In hindsight, the line that was to receive the token sms wasn’t online at the time of buying the tokens so it could have been my fault.


This is how electricity in the office is cheaper than my home connection. I get 4.3 units for 100 bob and 6.3 in the office for the same amount. This sucks!


I have always used eazzy banking for buying tokens. But yesterday couldn’t go through. So paid using mpesa. 15hrs later i hadn’t received the tokens. Had to call their customer care. Immediately I finished telling them my meter number, I received like 5 messages for the tokens. If I hadn’t made the call, I would probably be still in the dark


Seems like hanging messages are not an isolated problem when it comes to kplc tokens. I think something should be done about it but I wonder from who’s side could the problem be originating? Is it the kplc system? Is it network operators’ sms delivery system? Or is it a middleman somewhere who is keen on siphoning some of this money to his own pocket?