KPLC Token Charges


Surely hii Kenya tutaishi hivi? I normally buy KPLC tokens of either Ksh 1,400/- or 1,500/- which lasts me roughly around one and a half months at most if not always. With these amounts i usually get a unit range of between 72-78 units for 1,400/- and 81-86 units of elec for 1,500/- as shown below.

But leo nimejionea kiini macho. Today my unit tokens were due for top up of which i religiously buy Ksh 1,500/- worth of units only to receive a measly 67.6units.

Surely even those days i topped up with 1,400/- the units received have never gotten that low. I can only imagine what that dreaded 16% Fuel Tax lurking around the corner will do to future Token charges :thinking:


yaani you are seeing this now? :joy::joy::joy:


Imagine, i can only imagine how jaw dropping it’ll get after the alleged 16% fuel tax is imposed on us.


Na after VAT on fuel utaskia maji kwa dams imeisha.


Kenyanwallstreet wameandika article fulani vile kutakua tight hadi 2022


They were very crafty. They took advantage of the hue and cry about unpredictable token purchases to generate some good PR by eliminating the fixed charge and then sneakily hiking the prices for domestic consumers. Since they lowered the costs for everyone else it will be hard to fight the price increase.

Kwanza the funny thing is they went around the country allegedly collecting public views before review and then just imposed the exact same charges. It was just an all expenses paid local tourism tour.