Kenya's CryptoCurrency? The Nurucoin


And then there was this.


And this one as well.


Is this the biology he was explaining about? Looks like a mitochondrion?



As of 10.00 on March 5, 2018.

Nurucoin Ethereum account had a total of 15 transactions amounting to $4,639.91 and their Bitcoin wallet has 19 transactions totalling to $888


So I just found out Nurucoin ICO ended last month. They said they’d allocate tokens within 30 days. That days early next week. Let’s see what happens.


Anyone found anything?


There’s this now:


A couple of points:

  1. The font in that banner literally burns the eyes. Comic sans or worse still samsung sans are upgrades.

  2. iOS app is definitely not available from the official Apple Store.

  3. Android app permissions are excessive. Full network access, camera. Really why?


Did you all stay away from Nurucoin, not even one guinea pig to tell us how things are?


Ndiyo huyo hapo juu


Investors please show up


“promised guaranteed returns of 10% monthly”