Kenya's CryptoCurrency? The Nurucoin


Hahah… Let’s see how it goes…


If you read the Nurucoin white paper, you’ll see that the legal sections states that it is NOT a security so CMA has no jurisdiction here.


Yes, apparently its just like buying bread.


Like with other ICOs what’s to stop them from closing shop and leaving their buyers with useless coins and mumecheswo on their site.


hahah, I don’t know why I was complaining about Nurucoin (cough), seems I can’t buy their tokens… even if I wanted to. No poverty allowed at Nurucoin :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:… Minimum tokens one can buy are 83,334, yeah, you saw that right. Or a minimum investment of $5000. my friend, Utaskia the rich in kenya wakisema walicheswa, but… its a good idea since no low class person ataibiwa pesa yake na Nurucoin. hakuna kununua za mia hapo au za thao ndio ukulie wengine wakikula :joy::joy::joy:


So many Kenyan news sites covering Nurucoin lately without any proper research into them.

Props to BusinessDaily for offering some caution in their article. If you join the ICO and things go wrong, you might not have any recourse.


This nurucoin stuff is total BS,but i am looking forward to witnessing the first ICO in kenya.


To them, it seems legit. They are excited that something good is happening in Kenya.


I wanted to invest in the pre-sale, after nione that price, I decided to wait for the ICO. I want to find out how much they have gotten so far but problem is they are using too many payment options, I wish it was just one.


ile debe hii kitu inapigiwa just to make it look legit kama zile ploti za PRC, kilimo poa, etc na kina Maina. Wacha tu tu follow


As per their Ethereum address, Nurucoin has received a total of $3,303.44 so far. Their Bitcoin wallet is at zero. However, the total amount they have received so far could be higher, since we can’t track how much they have received via PayPal or does anyone know of a way we can?


Apparently, one of the board members (Kester Shimonyo) was a Sportpesa employee before he was fired for possible fraud.

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The Public has gone live. Who is joining me in buying Nuru coins? I will. because it’ll make a fun article when it all goes down.


…or filthy rich when it gets to bitcoin levels of success. :blush:


This I doubt but it’s good to be hopeful.




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ile kitu ame miss kusema ni " weka Mbegu ya 310 kwa nabari inayo tiririka hapo chini"


:joy::joy::joy:What’s up with all the bio and the electro? He isn’t articulate enough to run a whole coin by himself.