Kenya TV Channels and 1080p Broadcast


As stated in earlier comments ni SD quality on decoders and 720p HD online streaming.

This is great. I might buy or borrow the lasted decoder they have and see how it is.

Then kuna shida. They need to give each channel a number that is uniform across all PayTV and FTA providers.


Just seen an overview of Switch TV Studios. Weeeeeee hata sina maneno ya kusema


Same case with NRG Radio studios? wazimu kuruka


Yes I did see Kibeā€™s morning show. Weeee studios making za kina KISS zikae vibanda za mboga


Yup, the owners really did their research well before starting these media houses in Kenya. Hizi nazo zimeweza


The Big 4 (Citizen, NTV, KTN, K24) are sleeping na watapitwa wasipochunga vile walipiga KBC chenga.


Can we argue out that Maisha Magic is a local channel? Because they have been airing content in HD on DStv for a while now.


Kwanza the quality is on point (at least) compared to the big 4 from the graphics and to how they cut the shows to go on breaks( sijawai ona commercial ones though)


And I also think live broadcasts should be in 30 fps!!


NRG Radio have a really dope studio setup plus they are doing some great work with their TV approach


NRG have a TV approach ama you mean streaming their studio live?


Refering to their studio streamingā€¦but they do need to work on that coz i have noticed there is a serious video to audio lag plus they could really make the most out of Youtube streaming like local broadcastersā€¦


Oh yeah. Something happened to their stream and things broke!


At least i am not the only one who noticed that,i will try and bring it to their attention,see if they can sort it out.


Iā€™be brought it to their attention numerous times on their breakfast show but wanalenganga hiyo tweet yangu kuruka


their studio livestream section is currently offline,lets hope they are working on it to sort out those problemsā€¦But i love the way they have embraced new tech/designs in their studio setups,the minimalistic AiOs(All In Ones),the huge screens on the walls with live video and social media feeds,the mutiple HD camera angles,the interior designs and coloursā€¦in the end,it all looks great even for their studio streams