Kenya TV Channels and 1080p Broadcast


I agree with you… most of our local music video directors/producers are doing great job with EOS 5D mark IV camera. they just add to it a 48v condenser mic, lighting, additional drones and their product is a crystal clear 4k video which is then delivered to media who then broadcast in poor quality…
Our media stations buy contents including movies which are delivered in 4k but then somehow somewhere they get compressed to 480p


Some of these TV Stations Broadcast at 1P, is something like that exists. These guys should catch up with the times. Nowadays internet is unlimited so I don’t see why they see the to compress already HD Stuff…


I think the issue here is not about camera size/ weight, we are talking more or less of quality of video transmitted by the Said stations


Internet is not the primary broadcasting means for TV channels. You don’t connect your TV to the internet to watch a channel. They don’t have unlimited internet to broadcast to, they use satellites and digital terrestrial transmission (DTT) which are all paid per bandwidth.

That’s why we said, the problem with broadcasting in HD is not the stations but those who allocate bandwidth for transmission (signet etc) at exorbitant prices.

The issue of camera came in when someone here suggested that TVs can just use any camera for broadcasting (news). Broadcasting cameras (categorically for TV) have to be tuned to handle broadcasting on the go. It’s not about streaming on the internet.


The biggest impediment is the cost of broadcasting in HD. I can’t remember where I saw the proposed charges. They’re a killer to the industry.


No doubt that’s the thing


So this channel has been on air for a while now but I did not pay attention until I saw a commercial ad on YouTube. So I decided to check it out. The channel is owned by Red Cross and it broadcasts in 16:9 ratio at 720p HD.

Some programs are a few years old and that means no HD quality on them. But their local programs and shows I can ascertain that the quality is 720p. You can, however, experience that quality by streaming online. Otherwise on GoTV Channel 832 the quality is limited to the decoder’s SD quality.

Hebu stream mniambie your experience. I wonder why the creme dela creme in the market are stuck in stone age.


They are also on Signet as free to air… The quality is SD. Its a great channel… but inakuaga na mushene sana :joy::joy:


Hiyo ndiyo imefanya niichunguze :joy::joy::joy:


On that note, hii Switch TV ni nini? I’ve been seeing billboard zake kila mahali.


A reliable source told me they have been investing in the equipment and production resources over the last two years; they’re way ahead of companies that have been around like kina MediaMax. The TV- Switch TV - will be totally focused on creating content for the youth.


After watching its programs every now and then in the last two weeks, I don’t think it will be as revolutionary as they say. Am not trying to be sexist, but I think their programs are more likely to be watched by ladies than dudes.

Their programs mostly focus on relationships. But they have good movies that other stations don’t air (though old for streaming people like us).


speaking of muchene a colleague in the office just asked whether @deewinc ni mzungu based on your profile pic :smile:


yup i also noticed this na haijanibamba juu ya hiyo story



Hapana I’m just confusing my enemies. Mimi ni mweusi ti ti ti


Tuseme they’ll join Techweez forums waone what we guys are saying waongeze vipindi za ugali mhogo kidogo

Signet Channel 832


Kwangu ni signet channel 53 :thinking::grin:


Aah, it’s a tv station ? Sijui mbona nilikuwa nashuku ni some sort of pay tv like Go TV.


switch tv’s signal on signet is still SD 576i at least on my tv that is…i think only the BAMBA team is dabbling with 720i and 1080i on FTA DVBT2 broadcasts.Speaking of Bamba TV,i just noticed they have opened up access to FTA some Bamba TV channels like Al Jazeera,i think they got a deal with them that allows them to air their signal locally for free.


Kwani these signet channels don’t have fixed digital frequency allocations or what,

Signet 053 on my TV is Signet Mbugi TV

Yangu imefika 551 mwisho ya scanning hakuna 832

My Signet Switch Tv is on 086

TV is Sony