Kenya TV Channels and 1080p Broadcast


I agree with you… most of our local music video directors/producers are doing great job with EOS 5D mark IV camera. they just add to it a 48v condenser mic, lighting, additional drones and their product is a crystal clear 4k video which is then delivered to media who then broadcast in poor quality…
Our media stations buy contents including movies which are delivered in 4k but then somehow somewhere they get compressed to 480p


Some of these TV Stations Broadcast at 1P, is something like that exists. These guys should catch up with the times. Nowadays internet is unlimited so I don’t see why they see the to compress already HD Stuff…


I think the issue here is not about camera size/ weight, we are talking more or less of quality of video transmitted by the Said stations


Internet is not the primary broadcasting means for TV channels. You don’t connect your TV to the internet to watch a channel. They don’t have unlimited internet to broadcast to, they use satellites and digital terrestrial transmission (DTT) which are all paid per bandwidth.

That’s why we said, the problem with broadcasting in HD is not the stations but those who allocate bandwidth for transmission (signet etc) at exorbitant prices.

The issue of camera came in when someone here suggested that TVs can just use any camera for broadcasting (news). Broadcasting cameras (categorically for TV) have to be tuned to handle broadcasting on the go. It’s not about streaming on the internet.


The biggest impediment is the cost of broadcasting in HD. I can’t remember where I saw the proposed charges. They’re a killer to the industry.


No doubt that’s the thing