Kenya TV Channels and 1080p Broadcast


Hata Camera imepiga hiyo screen ni HD+


How do you know they broadcast on 4:3? Im on 16:9 and I have never realised?


Kenya broadcasts in PAL encoding because it offers higher resolution despite the low frame rate. The aspect ratio is also by default 4:3 but modern TVs upscale this to fit the 16:9 aspect ratio that they come in.


When you have a widescreen TV and you see people appearing fatter than usual.


Try watching BBC ONE, or BBC TWO, or worse still jaribu channel inajiita HGTV an entertainment US channel. Tumia android box kuziona. My friend utajua haujui, hizi channels ni pure HD especially HGTV which i suspect is 4K. Kama internet yako iko speed ndogo dont waste your time, buffering nayo? Safcom fibre silver package of 10mbps is the minimum speed you can watch them on.


True, there’s no local channel that broadcasts in HD. It starts with the channel itself and ends up with the recipient. KISSTV might broadcast in HD but how does the recipient receive the signal? All decoders including the BAMBA one are not HD compliant. Additionally, CAK will charge broadcasters an arm and a leg if they chose to broadcast in HD.


I agree,the broadcasters have no incentive to broadcast in HD… KISS TV and Bamba Sport actually broadcast in HD on 1080i but one needs a compatible TV set to get that signal…Most decoders in the market right now cant go beyond 720i but Some HDTVs with in built DVBT2 decoders can…In the long run though HD broadcast will become the norm.


For those with dstv KTN,CITIZEN AND NTV whats the resolution ya those channels


I really do not expect anything amazing. KTN and Citizen stream on YouTube.

Citizen is currently streaming at 360p. For KTN, the 1080p option is there but the picture quality is 360p/480p.

Youtube does degrade the live stream quality. Add that to the already terrible picture quality from Citizen/KTN and things start to look horrendous.


I think we should start by blasting these major broadcasters to switch to 16:9 first and push them even further to at least broadcast 720p HD.

May be @martingicheru and team can come up with an article, which we can share and push these guys to adapt.

It’s sad that channels such as Ebru are on 16:9 aspect ratio and our major broadcasters are lagging behind.


what about normal clips on youtube why are still uploading crap yet youtube can handle 4k?


broadcasting in HD means most of these broadcasters have to invest in HD cameras,equipment,More powerful editing tools and signal capacity/bandwidth…they simply have no incentive to do so in the short term,maybe in the long run as the market matures…


Do u mean their cameras cant record in HD. Even a 10k camera can do that …!?
In this day and age of unlimited fiber, bandwidth should not be a big deal …


Broadcast cameras are really expensive (in the high-end segment), since they are supposed to do many things at once (for instance, record in full HD and broadcast in the same quality at the same time).

There is a lot of tech in them (just google), but that doesn’t mean local stations can’t afford them. However, what digs into their pockets is broadcasting this quality, the equipment, charges…etc


The expensive thing I see is CAK charging broadcasters more for HD broadcast. HD cameras are not as expensive as they used to be years back (J blessing can attest to this) thanks to 4k and 8k resolution codecs… nowadays even mobile phones can record 4k videos at 60fps


so the industry regulator could be the only obstacle to broadcasters choosing to broadcast in HD.


Broadcast cameras are not just any other type of video cameras :grin:, Broadcast cameras (quality ones) goes for at least $50k. You can’t just broadcast with a dlsr or just a normal hd cam, otherwise you risk damaging a sensor (or it shuts down midway due to heat).

Broadcast cameras are made specifically for broadcasting, with enough tech to ensure you don’t need to re-edit and adjust colors and stuff.


Trust me the answer is Yes

If our media houses can afford huge expensive broadcasting machines then they can afford these cameras too right?.. Ive seen even radio stations like NRG owning expensive equipement why not T.V stations?


wait i see content makes go live with normal dslr cameras and they do upto 4k and its on regular basis as they stream daily whats hard or wats the prblm with our local tv stations just lack of creativity and innovation same old brain same old shit.


There is a big difference… I suggest you start here… And do some research please