Kenya TV Channels and 1080p Broadcast


Why is it hard for Kenyan TV channels to broadcast in 1080p? Is it really that expensive, or is it an issue with communication authority not licensing bandwidths? Other countries are preparing for 4k broadcast while most of the Kenyan channels don’t even support 720p Damn it!


They pay guys like PANG and Signet per resolution. It’s cheaper for them to broadcast in 480p than 720p or even 1080p.


And they claim they are losing 30M a day with the blackout.


I guess Tv owners are not interested in investing a higher resolutions.


i have been wondering the same then i realized most kenyans really dont care about 1080p and 4K content coz 1.they are not aware of it 2.they are not exposed to it 3.they are not demanding it 4.Content producers locally are not that compelled to produces more of their content in that format…besides most of the TV screens locally dont go beyond 1080p in terms of price and affordability so 1080p and 4K content watching is at a premium…its simple most kenyans are just happy enough with their content at 360p and 480p SD…


Numbers don’t compel them to broadcast at higher resolutions. Many Kenyans are still satisfied with SD.


Don’t accuse producers. There are few out there and number is growing who are doing 4K video for instance Music videos


Being satisfied with SD could be the result of luck of information


I had a problem with digital broadcasting since day one and I complained of both video and sound quality in another forum but then everyone was thinking that I was against change… the moment they started upgrading their TV sets from 14"/21" to 40" and above, they began sharing my sentiments


Bamba seems to be broadcasting some of its channels ni full hd. Shine TV, bamba Sport. Hopefully they do the same with KTN


It has to do with bandwidth. I read somewhere that the CAK is demanding a huge amount of KES per second of broadcasting in HD. It is economically infeasible at this time. However, the CAK can give broadcasters a leeway to broadcast in HD on a trial basis. People will gradually make the switch to HD. I mean, many homes have HD TVs right now but for content you have to depend on foreign sources.

My issue is not with the adoption of HD but big media houses not making the switch from 4:3 aspect ratio to 16:9. I wonder what is making it hard for them yet small media houses such as EBRU are broadcasting with 16:9 aspect ratio. Shida ni nini kina KTN, CITIZEN, na NTV are stuck on 4:3?

This is true. I remember arguing with a guy that claimed his TV shows local channels in HD. Nilicheka.

No local channel broadcasts in HD

@sarunibm we need an article on this.


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While u guys are complaining of the resolution mimi i migrated news is useless and my first complaint when someone brought up a topic here abt digital migration was video and sound quality there’s no way a family cud invest in this LG 4K display tv to watch low res kenyan content it looks weird for now it Netflix and 4k movies untill then no one can enjoy watching kenyan channels on this screen i


Great screen there😲


Ebu drop pin tukuje kukuvisit


shida ni @Pascal bado ako zuku, you’ll get there and wait for another 10 minutes before the movie starts. Save a lot of your cursing for the buffering mid-scenes.:joy::joy:


Is this on YouTube?

If so, they have local caching servers and you only need 4/5Mbps to stream 1080/60fps flawlessly.

The same goes for Netflix.


Kuna mtu hajaambiwa poa!


This is Netflix


that is a great screen btw,just add an nvidia shield and you will be on top sana…