Kenya launches 1st Satellite


Ok well it’s not a real satellite but more of a nano-satellite (CubeSat)

I must admit when i first read the word satellite on the news I had this picture of the whole big thing :joy:
Word is that it was developed by UoN and the University of Rome with the help of our Japanese friends, under the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs. Japan offered all the funding in tune of $1million (KES 101 million) while we (UoN) were the brains behind it.
It was launched at the International Space Station Florida on Monday 2nd April n the cube will be used “to observe farming trends and to monitor the country’s coastline.”
Was kinda hoping they would build something related to telecoms but ow well, it’s a start
What do you guys think about this, step in the right direction?


We have a first. The second one will come from the background of this first one.


The information about it is so scanty. What location? Hoping it’s at 36E position, what are the bands, KU, C, Ka band, downlink and uplink speeds, orbit? Why do i have a feeling it’s piggy backing on some other satellite.


well of course it’s piggy backing hehehe., but it’s a start


one fascinating thing about technology is, once something has been innovated… expect more


Its whats called a cube sat. The idea is to develop and deploy many of them to form a constellation. Due to their size they cant carry much in the way of instruments so capability wise ni nill. It will probably just broadcast a signal that we can track. Its a learning curve thing.