Jumia Mobile Week and Luna TGL800., too good to be true!


I’ve been on the Jumia site since Sunday night when Mobile week started looking for a phone to replace my Lumia :disappointed_relieved: Anyway, I came across this new brand, a Luna TGL800., which spots some pretty decent specs;
Android 6 Marshmallow
2.5Ghz processor,
Snapdragon 808 Chipset,
3GB RAM, 16GB internal memory
5.5 inch 1920x1080p screen,
13MP back and 8MP front camera
3000mah battery
and has a metallic body.,
all this for just Ksh. 7,999!!
This sounded too good to be true. I found good reviews though on YouTube., it’s all over online retail sites like Amazon, one YouTuber was reviewing it from the states. However, I found that there are other two lines of smartphones with the same name “Luna”. This one in particular was manufactured by SK Telecom from South Korea and not part of the line of Luna Mobile smartphones out there and I’m not sure if they’ll be setting up an office here in Kenya. This for me would be a problem when it comes to after sales service, but still, 8k for these specs??




SoC SD 801 heating problem?


yea my bad it’s 801 not 808
The vids av seen so far haven’t mentioned anything about heating, in fact they mostly are just first impression videos. Kwanza now that uv mentioned heating na the chip has that issue…, am starting to think I shud let this one pass


Now that its jumia mobile week and techweez is giving some vouchers guess it is time @martingicheru or @sarunibm to give me one of those vouchers to buy these cool ‘Generic P45 4.2+EDR Wireless Headphones’ to replace my JME for the time being as i wait for my Bose headphones to ship


I think it’s the first version of the 810 that had that issue.


Please dont… I know you want to leave windows so bad but dont jump into this. 801 is not 64bit,has a semiconductor size of 28nm and thus with 3000mAh battery utalia tu, the marshmallow is too old na tunajua haitakua na update, 16gb ata hautajua imeenda wapi in a few weeks… Please, just save and get a decent phone. hatutaki ulie ati android ni mbaya kuliko windows cuz of this mistake :grin:


Speaking of vouchers, I’d love one too😊 In need of some new earphones @sarunibm cc @martingicheru


Me i just want those Pace bluetooth earphones, 11 hours playing time🙌

Let’s not argue here Android ni mbaya kuliko Windows :joy: ningekua na choice ya kubuy Windows phone I would lakini there’s no further development so haina haja, and I’m looking for a device to use for the next 2-3 years, Infinix na Tecno zitaniaribikia by Dec hehehe. But you right though I think al just let this Luna phone pass


That’s what you do when you can’t review a device for obvious reasons. You just give it a mention and leave it at that.


@Pascal and @fwosi, kindly send me Private Messages and I will send you vouchers to use. One the condition that you use our Jumia affiliate link to shop. Haha.


So true. If you cannot find reviews, it means the device is trash. That’s why kuna impressions videos only. If I were you @iamtembo, I would go for the Nokias. Seeing that you’re from a Windows platform, the Nokias will do you justice as you break into the world of android.


dont fight it :joy::joy: just admit android is awesome. Usikae ka wale wasee ucompare iPhone na budget androids… ati, “ni laggy, crapy camera…etc.” :smile: chukua pixel 2 xl ufanye comparison


Good doing that asap thank u


And nokia 2 is down to kshs 8999 on jumia mobile week damn wish i had not bought the faiba mifi router


Hehehe, honestly me i just found Windows phone, in particular the Windows 10 Mobile platform great for everyday use n getting things done. Photos taken upload automatically to OneDrive even better than Gdrive used to on my previous Android coz i constantly had to reopen the Gdrive app n do it manually, i can still synch my Google contacts n calendar n emails arrive on outlook mail as they come, can only be compared to the BlackBerry days. Alafu these new features like continue on PC when u using the Microsoft Launcher they’re already integrated on Windows 10 Mobile OS.
Things just work
The only downfall of the platform is that in a world where apps are almost everything in a smartphone, and considering how expensive n even cumbersome it is to develop apps Windows had no chance on the smartphone
Think al go with @sarunibm 's suggestion n get a Nokia for now, but my dream device is that BlackBerry KeyOne


Dream! Blackberry? What did they do to you? Are they holding your family hostage? Please wink once if that’s the case.


:joy::joy:, man that phone is just awesome, n it’s an android. Had the chance of testing it a while back n just the feel in the palm of my hand., i just loved it. Lakini mi hupenda tu vitu watu huona odd :joy::joy:


:joy::joy::joy: ni ka siku fulani nilishikaga iphone x, my friend, niliskia nikope tala, mshwari, branch, na kina timiza niichukue hapo immediately. yaani ata hio notch sikua naiona :laughing::laughing: unaskia tu unaeza lala nje na ukae njaa siku kiasi ukitumia iphone x :grin: weeh, urogi apple imeweka hapo sijui ni ya wapi


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Woiiiiii @omgitsdes ungetoroka nayo.