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Yep the wildcard certificate. Although cost wise I hadn’t suggested this because of its price in the event you’re purchasing the ssl certs from a certification authority. image

I used comodo in this quote

I mean look at that! 43k each year? Just for the certificate? You’re better of buying a separate hosting plan that offers a complimentary certificate.

With regards to the wildcard cert on Letsencrypt, last I checked(which was sometime early this year, so I might be outdated here) there were some complications and they postponed the API release.


Here is one from KenyaWebExperts


Though cheaper, I advise against using local domain registrars for anything as KeNIC has failed to prove that they would not shut down your website/online services if pressured by someone who didn’t like the content on your site.

Imagine Techweez going offline because Safcon are continuously accused of data theft on the forum


400 USD is steep but not shocking. The business plan at a lot of IT security firms is essentially to part fools from their money.

Concerning Let’s Encrypt, native support for wildcard certificates has been available since around March this year.



I have been using the Let’s Encrypt wildcard certs for a while now.