It's Time Techweez



Hey Techweez, it’s time you installed TLS protocols on this website. As a tech site, lead by example (though others have already done that) :grin::grin::grin: This is serious though. Most of the other Kenyan tech sites have some form of security protocols. Je nyinyi?


Yes they should. It’s trivially easy to do and free these days. Personally I recommend Let’s Encrypt.


maze,its about damn time they secure this forum…


I have been on cloudflare for free on 3 websites for almost 1 year now.


I join u in this push it’s time techweez, secure your sites in 2018 it’s a shame we still talking basic security like encryption and site security take our data and security seriously CC @martingicheru


Agreed. It’s about time. It’s getting awkward recommending Techweez as a leading tech site then peoples browsers telling them it’s ‘not secure’


By the time this thread started I’d already purchased and set up SSL. What’s pending is SSL for the forum because its a more technical process without cPanel. But it’s WIP.


Hat tip for the quick response time.

Don’t forget to setup a HTTP 301 to automatically upgrade users to HTTPS.


:thinking: am not that good in comp science, can someone explain why its showing https in @martingicheru side but not ours?

ama ni hii?


Yes exactly.

Their configuration needs some tweaking.


Nimerust kidogo, when I need to get things done I actually start learning them afresh, even setting up SSL I was using How-tos. The devs hapa who can get me assisted have been out of the office for the last few days.


Learning by practice can be very rewarding. Go for it!


This is how I survived campus. I had (still have) so many interests and not enough resources to complete them all in the set time, so decided to practice what interested me and learn as I encountered obstacles.


This is what I see on my end, so we see these changes slowly I guess.



Firefox and Chrome are throwing errors on my end.

A quick look around shows that a banner is being served by default on HTTP. A HTTP 301 redirect should solve that problem.


Chrome asked me to clear cookies and it loaded https. But says “not fully secure.” I googled that :smile: and saw its cuz of mixed content (http na https). I guess by the time @martingicheru is done it will be fine.


For now tutangoja. Then next I figure out the forum too.


Martin, Just Use “Really Simple SSL” Plugin. All the Techweez’s problems shall be sent to the cross of the Lord.


I was half hoping we start sharing dev hacks on here. This is a good start. Let me see what it can get me.


By the way I can confirm that all of the back end including the login page have the padlock. We are only addressing the front end.