ISP in Rongai, Someone help please



Hey, does anyone know of any ISP that is in Rongai and its environment and has good internet supply?


I know that safaricom fiber to the home is in the maasai lodge area and I heard that liquid telecom has a switch at KCB bank.


I live in Maasai lodge area Rongai and use Safaricom Fibre. So far i haven’t been dissapointed. The speeds are fantastic and streaming of movies flawless


I live at Laiser hill


eeeh @Bree your title though…hahaha…


SMS the word ‘Fibre’ to 400 then wait for them to call you, they will advise whether they are in that area or not, and when to expect them.


I’ve seen JTL cables all over Rongai, including Laiser hill. I’m not sure when they will start connections to homes


Ahahaha simplest way possible to communicate


Safaricom is currently laying cables in this area


Hello, Maybe we can be of help but it might take a while before we are fully operational in Rongai as we need to erect masts there
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Our packages include a 256kbps at ksh2,000/m
512kbps at ksh3,000/m and 1mbps at ksh5,000/m for homes but we are not only limited to this speeds as we can offer up to a gigabyte connection depending on your business needs.
Please Note that all our packages are dedicated.


In 2017? Kbps? Can it even load a midsized web page?


I’m talking of bytes not bits
When Isp talk of 2mbps they usually mean 2 megabits which is equivalent to 250kbps (bytes)
The 2megabit is the connection speed and 250kilobytes is the traffic rate.

Yes 250kbps can load the midsized websites and can load a 720p youtube video without buffering


Hehe :grin: learning new terms here my tech vocabulary is improving


Why are you complicating things, industry standard when selling bandwidth is in bits.

A megabit is styled as “Mbps.” A megabyte is abbreviated as “MBps.” That small capitalized “b” makes a world of difference.

So your packages are…
256KBps equals 2048bits or 2Mbps. = 2,000/-
512KBps equals 4096bits or 4Mbps. = 3,000/-
1 (1024)MBps equals 8192bits or 8Mbps = 5,000-

Simplify and get sales.


Aye aye but not really bits is the standard used in advertising home packages and bytes are used for a dedicated link. The acronyms don’t really matter as people or even ISP don’t really pay much attention to it but the moment a link is termed dedicated it’s in bytes
Even most customer support don’t understand this as quite
But I’m glad you got my point and nice conversation


The moment that I saw 256KBps I assumed that it was slow, like a satellite connection. Thankyou for clearing that up @BoazKE.


By the for heavy medium users far away from fibre but have Orange 3g try their triple play, they sell the modern at 9k, it’s 4k per month for 50GB full speed and 512kps after that, a friend is using it at his shop with no speed drop after 50gb, on orange shop they say it’s 50fup,but on the website it’s unlimited, guess they want the option to enforce it if things get clogged


There is a difference between KBps and Kbps as well as MBps and Mbps. At least you should make that clear.


They told me it’s 256kbps once you reach the set FUP limit. You can also use it on a CDMA modem (but Orange stopped selling this). The service works on CDMA and I remember back then unlimited on CDMA was truely unlimited unlike on GSM where the FUP has never changed or improved.

Let me try and confirm something about it. I’m not sure how they issue a landline-like number (used on CDMA) on a device that works on GSM yet it’s not a hybrid device.


Confirmed the router works on GSM the phone CDMA.