Is the Xiaomi Poco F1 the flagship killer?

most likely yeah. If they are a paid subscription service.

You are probably looking at the global site. Each and every poco country site and also xiaomi country sites have the price front and center.

Now this is interesting. I have dstv now and there really is no way to tell what resolution it’s streaming at since they only have a maximum video quality setting. Looked around and came across this very interesting devs site. He has kodi addons for dstv now and showmax! Definitely going to test those out. Back on topic, the kodi addons both rely on kodi 18 widevine support so it’s logical to assume the android apps do too. If this is a deal breaker just wait until it’s updated.

The site for India has the “Master of Speed” tag and emphasis is very much on its premium specs.

Compare the two below, one phone is explicitly being marketed as a “flagship killer” and the other as a phone for the people.

Other developing world markets like Vietnam use the same strategy but funny enough the MEA (Middle East and Africa) site doesn’t have the Poco F1 listed.

So whats your point? I am abit lost

I have the perfect analogy for this. Your flagship killer is a slay queen, first impressions will deceive but look a little closer and it’s a bit rubbish.

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Based on what?

Lol! Relax @Dahir at this point @mister_roboto is just trolling the phone for fun. Mimi I’m just enjoying the laughs.


@mister_roboto likes to troll everything, I had to accept that.


Mate you opened this thread. Stick with the program.



@Satoshi @wizmelavin I agree.

@Dahir, don’t take @mister_roboto seriously. Just smile and move on, do not engage.


Xiaomi AI would you buy?

So hii story ya pocophone iliishaje? Anyone bought it yet to tell us how it is? I’m a Sony fanboy myself and i’ve never bought any other smartphone apart from Sony Xperia Flagships (a staunch diehard)

Currently i own the Sony Xperia Z3+ since 2016 and i think its time i upgraded. I’m looking at Sony Xperia XZ Premium @45k vs Pocophone F1 @36k. My options also include the Xperia XZ2 @58k but haziko kwa market (Phones and Tablets na Phone Place have confirmed this) plus hiyo 13k extra ya kununua XZ2 sina. But ingepatikana trust me hustle haingekosa i top up and get it.

Anyone to point me in the right direction as to where i can get the Pocophone, Xperia XZ2 and XZ Premium on display side by side to enable me physically compare them and make the right decision sambaza ujumbe.

I bought the pocophone off I’ve had it since January 10th an i have no complaints at all.

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The three strengths i can vouch for are the never ending battery life, super fast processor (which translates to performance) and the camera. The camera is just amazing especially if you get the google G cam. You will get pixel-esque images. Honorary mentions include the phone getting timely updates of software. I am on Android Pie and soon we will have wide-vine L1.

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Well after much soul searching and watching more than enough comparison videos on youtube i just went ahead and got me the Xperia XZ Premium and i’m loving it. I guess mimi na Sony hatuachani.

Shida ni it’s accessories, i had to import its Spigen Slim Armour Back Cover (wachana na hizi silicons zimejaa kwa streets). Its screen is slightly curved so the normal tempered glass screen protector just doesn’t cut it.

Other than that the phone is pretty snappy for a 2017 phone, and yes it runs android 9.0 which updated and restarted 16 times for it to get to Android Pie (yes i counted), not to mention its 4k 801ppi screen rez and HDR/ Super Slow Motion video recording capability that is just awesome.

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Sony fans are the 2nd most loyal customers after iPhoners :grin:


16 times!!, it downloaded all the updates from 2017 ??


Its called working hard…

To all those who shunned the pocophone F1 because it didn’t have widevine L1. I am pleased to inform you that the poco team have sorted that issue with the march security patch update. I have attached screenshots for proof. As you can see, my Amazon prime is playing in Full HD as opposed to the previous 540p.