Is the Xiaomi Poco F1 the flagship killer?



but if you want a xiaomi phone with band 28 find a way of getting the ones sold in taiwan, which is next to impossible


Are they global versions?


The ones that xiaomi Kenya will sell. Yes


For people who drop their phones atleast once per day like I, every phone needs a case and protector.


Get a Nokia 6.


So is it durable or not? It can’t be both!


Its durable.


I hear it cannot play HD videos from Netflix. Apart from YouTube because of Widevine whic is a DRM module which popularly used by many apps. There are multiple levels of support for Widevine, with L1 being full support. The Pocophone F1, however, only has Widevine L3 support :pensive::pensive::pensive:


Its not that much of a deal breaker. Lets be honest. Most people prefer watching Netflix on a laptop or TV. Although its important to note that the 540p resolution is more than enough on a small screen. My biggest concern is the fact that it is not compatible with the Faiba 700 band. That sucks.


Well it’s cheap for a reason. And that is an epic fail.


Unbox Therapy mentioned that Xiaomi said the HD issue will be sorted via a firmware update. Not sure about that since when the OnePlus 5 and 5t had the same issue you had to send it back to OnePlus for it to be updated and returned to you.


Lack of HD on Netflix is a non issue for the target market. A person who wants 4K HDR Netflix videos can probably afford a Galaxy Note 9. SD 845 for 30k is an achievement in the current Smartphone market.


That’s like buying a house without windows and using the lack of scenery as a justification.

Let’s call it for what it is, mediocrity.


Okay it’s is mediocrity. I am buying one.


By jove, that’s a terrible analogy :face_with_monocle:


Indeed, that was quite rubbish.

The point still stands. As a consumer I find it insulting that the Poco F1 is marketed as a device to consume media when it’s clearly lacking.

It should be sold for what it is, a budget phone with a couple of gimmicks.


Ahhh, I see now why you have been so laughably wrong all along. No one has marketed it as the ultimate media consumption device. Everyone has marketed it on two key points, awesome speed at an amazing price. It has held up surprisingly well on other fronts and people concerned about watching Netflix at 1080p can just hold off buying till the software is updated. Personally, the only deal breakers I can see for people looking for a new phone at this price point are lack of NFC and band 28.


Personally to me the big deal breaker is that it does not support the band 700 which would allow you to use the faiba sim card. Watching Netflix on the phone is for cheap people.



From the manufacturer’s own marketing department.

Yes speed is emphasised and also large display with 18:9 aspect ratio and FHD. The “amazing price” is not even mentioned anywhere on their website.


Forget about Netflix, what about ShowMax? Dstv Now catch up content are these affected as well?