Is the Xiaomi Poco F1 the flagship killer?



NFC? who else cares?


Unfortunately the phone does not support band 28 which means it is not compatible with faiba 4G. That sucks. It is a deal breaker for me.


The price has been confirmed.


Not bad provided they offer local warranty.


Hmmmm,why do i feel like that price is a tad bit high?


VAT i guess lol


Just saw it on Avechi
They are selling it at Ksh 36,499.


@sarunibm Try and get a review device.


Seriously? For those specs that price is a steal!


hehe what do people really want


:joy::joy: Customized phones is what the future will unleash for us


People want customised prices :rofl::rofl:


Hata hapo tutafika


Some good insights on this, thread wish admin would transfer some of the posts to this thread.


Hi, you did the article about the pocophone f1 right? Can you confirm whether it is compatible with Faiba sim cards? Does it have the necessary band?


it seems not even their site only shows band 3 and 20


that sucks


For those of you who are questioning the durability integrity of the Pocophone F1. Here is a durability test by JerryRigEverything. He gives the phone a thumbs up. I still stick to my words though that you should get a decent back cover and screen protector for this phone.


Phones that will need a back cover and screen protector are a pass for me, unless it’s the budget that’s pushing me that direction. Same goes for all those beautiful plastic phones that look like glass.


you mean the oppo f9 lol