Is Qualcomm losing its crown to other chip makers


Let’s summarize the interesting points here. All this is planned obsolescence and it all started with Apple but Android OEMs perfected it.


Apparently, enterprise customers get monthly updates for 3 years. Why can’t they push the same update to other users?

I mean the phone is still the same.

The Galaxy S9 Enterprise Edition keeps your team and your company secure, with regular monthly updates for up to 3 years after market availability, plus an additional year of quarterly security updates. It’s simply all you need for data security.

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Yeah. @deewinc summarized it perfectly. Even the hardware doesn’t have to be top notch. Today’s hardware tech is already too advanced for our smartphone applications.


I think they are reffering to security updates. Not necessarily Android version updates.


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I think those are important too. Especially since Meltdown and Spectre became a thing.


Yea thats all this is nothing more.