Is 4K a marketing gimmick?


I am looking at prices onlin, the official Lg kenya site the unit is 70k, Kenyatronics are cheapest at 46k a whole 24k less, Jumia is at 45,500K, and my local Naivas is at 63K, wonder why the price difference is that much, I asked around and most guys I know that got tvs online got the wrong deal, one got a 720p instead of 1080, and the other got a haier mooka 4k but it was clearly not 4k, so I hope I will not be throwing my money away by going for the safer naivas.


If you can’t get it from Avechi, try Point Mall(53k):

On the issue of active HDR vs HDR ready/compatible TVs, see the link below. It also provides details on the type of back-lighting(for LED LCD Tvs) best for HDR content.


The only only shops you should trust with TVs (and approved by the OEMs) are Anisuma (for Sony), Samsutech (for samsung), Hotpoint (for both LG and Sammy) and LG Brand Shop (owned by LG). Supermarkets I find most reliable on tech are Game Store and Carrefour (In my opinion).

Others, just be very careful with “original” products.


The point mall guys had that TV even before the LG brand shop had it. At that time(August 2017), it was 64k.

I wanted to buy that TV last year but fortunately i got a deal for an OLED TV(which i had to wait for 6 months).


Kumbe hii uchawi si mimi pekeyangu hufanya :joy::joy::joy:


Haha you Know those demo videos they play on screens that make even crap TV look awesome only to get home to disappointment, I don’t take those chances.