Is 4K a marketing gimmick?


I am looking at prices onlin, the official Lg kenya site the unit is 70k, Kenyatronics are cheapest at 46k a whole 24k less, Jumia is at 45,500K, and my local Naivas is at 63K, wonder why the price difference is that much, I asked around and most guys I know that got tvs online got the wrong deal, one got a 720p instead of 1080, and the other got a haier mooka 4k but it was clearly not 4k, so I hope I will not be throwing my money away by going for the safer naivas.


If you can’t get it from Avechi, try Point Mall(53k):

On the issue of active HDR vs HDR ready/compatible TVs, see the link below. It also provides details on the type of back-lighting(for LED LCD Tvs) best for HDR content.


The only only shops you should trust with TVs (and approved by the OEMs) are Anisuma (for Sony), Samsutech (for samsung), Hotpoint (for both LG and Sammy) and LG Brand Shop (owned by LG). Supermarkets I find most reliable on tech are Game Store and Carrefour (In my opinion).

Others, just be very careful with “original” products.


The point mall guys had that TV even before the LG brand shop had it. At that time(August 2017), it was 64k.

I wanted to buy that TV last year but fortunately i got a deal for an OLED TV(which i had to wait for 6 months).


Kumbe hii uchawi si mimi pekeyangu hufanya :joy::joy::joy:


Haha you Know those demo videos they play on screens that make even crap TV look awesome only to get home to disappointment, I don’t take those chances.


Wenye wanadiss luthuli…ni sawa tu…ata sijaskia vibaya…some of us cant afford to buy some electronics in the supermarket.
Anyway, for electronics like these you need to look at every option(shop) you can get and then make your decision on where to buy…avechi and similar shops basically get their tvs the same way as the luthuli guys get…that’s why their prices are lower…you can’t expect avechi and the supermarket to be the same price…i have bought three tvs and a hometheatre at a particular shop in luthuli and they are all perfect…one time while i was doing a purchase, some guys from tuskys came to buy tvs there…i even saw the two guys removing their work shirts in the car and remained with tshirts…i asked one of the guys selling in the shop and he confirmed to me that many stores and supermarkets come for tvs from luthuli often esp when stock is low…but they know who sells original stuff so they buy from them.
Before buying one just do your research properly, beba flash yako with your video and audio tests…and don’t deal with dodgy people…check all codes, serial numbers, model etc on the device…make sure the serial has KE somewhere so that it can be serviced under warranty by LG kenya…make sure all documentation is present.
Your main goal is ‘value for money’…not the ‘cheapest one available’


Those hating on Luthuli need to style up…Si kila mtu luthuli ni mkora,just know what you clear and be ready…i have gotten most of my electronics from luthuli and i have no regrets,i got quality products at good prices and i been using them for at least a year now.


Techweez is claiming that Safaricom is using underhand tactics to restrict 4k streaming to those using at least 23 Mbps and above. I think hapo there is a misunderstanding. I believe it is not Safaricom restricting 4k streaming to platinum subscribers, it’s just impossible to stuff a 4k stream down a 5, 10 or sometimes 20 Mbps tube. Even Netflix recommends 25 Mbps minimum for 4k streaming. So if you want to stream 4k you should upgrade your package regardless of whether it is safaricom, zuku, faiba, etc

One of my friends on zuku 30 Mbps was bragging about streaming at 4k until he played the Netflix test patterns. Turns out it’s just streaming at 1080p.


4K streaming is very niche btw if you think about it.Not many people even have the 4k panels to display the content,the bandwith and latency to stream the same and the content availability means its gonna be a while before 4K goes mainstream locally…I think we are better placed to focus on HD/Full HD manenos on content streaming as a country.4K is great but we r going to get there eventually i.e 5 to 10 years time…4k locally is truly a very premium highend product/expensive whichever way you look at it.


Am not aware of editing capabilities on this app just conversion.


Sorry, a well known transcoder.


its just best to download then play it via usb on your 4K tv if you are on an internet package does does not stream 4K smoothly