Is 4K a marketing gimmick?


I have downloaded HEVC (H265) video from this website libde265 and it plays perfectly on TV.


Aye, all my torrents are mostly HEVC (H265) files and they play directly on my TV.


@kissykennysmatt I have heard your name on “capiro” (capital fm) :grin: like 20 times this week, what’s up? :joy:


You just noticed this week lol! they’ve been mentioning it close to 19 years now.


:joy::joy: okay sir


Are you sure the bitrate is not part of the reason?


i have a 10year old pc that chews h265 on 720/1080p like its nothing. some lg tvs from 2016 also support that format. but the latest ones i have tested at tv shops even the likes of tcl and hisense play H265