Instant Hot Shower-Head Problems


I’ve been using Horizon and it has served me well for the past couple of years,with no issues whatsoever.It’s the salty water shower head type.One month ago it started acting up whereby i need to first run the cold water before switching on the heater.This is because when i switch on the heater first which should be the norm then sparks start flying in and around the shower head-this frightens me.This prompts me to switch off the heater then run the water first before switching back on the heater.Everything works fine henceforth.A fortnight ago i opened up the shower head to clean up the salt deposits as i thought it might be part of the malfunction.I achieved no success with this and i’m wondering which part should be replaced or fixed in such a scenario.


Haha, I don’t know why there is so little information about RCD (Residual Current Detectors) in Kenya they protect you from shock they detect the return current which if someone is being shocked they switch off the power in nano seconds so you will only get a tingle shock.
I got mine from amazon total price delivered was 3,200 here
For the sparks get yourself a thicker wire a 6mm wire is only 120 for a meter, then get a circuit breaker for 200, and take out your element every few months and clean out the salt build up, or replace the element altogether they go for just 300-400.


While at Carrefour The Hub Karen at their shower head section they have different Genuine Lorenzetti Element spare parts including yours, the elements range from 623/- to 1,150/-, yours is 623/- but you have to buy a pair so thats 1,246/-

My Lorenzetti showerhead uses the sheet-type of element which they also have going for 690/-

There are other types of Lorenzetti elements available depending on your showerhead type.



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Unfortunately it comes as is. The goal is to stop them from ‘misbehaving’. If they know they’re being monitered, hopefully they’ll behave properly.


Hot shower experts mtuchanue


Hii level ni pesa tu inaongea my fren… Hakuna kuchanuliwa… :joy::joy::joy: Huezi eka hii Timbuktu…:rofl:


Hii sijui nikieka nitaweka order ya Transformer tu yangu. But enyewe shida ni pesa :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Hii ni ya wadosi and from experience with it it’s not that good, i once visited a friend with one installed in his upmarket apartment na ilikuwa tu luke warm, saa hizo nimeweka maximum yote


@Krizwech which one did you eventually end up buying at Carrefour and how much was it?


True hii 4 T nilinunua iko moto sana yet it’s at low setting, hizi za wadosi take too long to heat water and haina pressure


I purchased the 3 setting Lorenzetti as they didn’t have the 4T one, it cost around 2,900/- or thereabouts