Instant Hot Shower-Head Problems


Nowadays the market is full of knock-off Instant Shower Heads it’s difficult getting a genuine one stocked in shops. The last best one i bought was at Nakumatt that served me for close to 5 years but i since moved houses and now regret that i didn’t uninstall and move out with it. In this current house i’m in this is like the 5th shower head i’m replacing over a span of 2 years and it has nothing to do with the houses’ electrical wiring or water pressure. The shower head problems range from sparks randomly being generated from inside it’s head with time till it dies (this happens roughly after 3-4 months after buying and installing the unit), their regulatory switch becoming loose over time (you have to toggle the switch back and forth ndio ishike moto) or the element just dies one day and the water-head becomes like a kawaida cold shower-head. Buying from these hardwares huku Luthuli is a big no no coz huko ndio zimejaa with ridiculously cheap bonoko prices of 500/- to 1,200/-.

Tuskyz pia iliniwaste na Lorenzetti ya 2,990/- haikukaa hata 7months. A friend of mine said the problem must be the borehole water spoiling them and suggested i get one specifically made for borehole/salty water. (Hizi nazo hazipatikani Tuskys, apparently they only stock fresh water showerheads). So i went to a shop in Luthuli that sold me a shower head called FAME specifically made for borehole water. Hiyo ndio imebeat leo but atleast this one tried coz i bought it late last year in November. I’m thinking of going to Carrefour to look for a unit huko but don’t know whether they stock them. Any other leads as to where i can get genuine hot water shower heads will be highly appreciated.


Do you know that you can repair shower heads yourself? It’s pretty simple, just open it up, check which filament is burnt (there are two filaments, one long and the other is short).

If the prongs holding the filaments are rusty, you can clean them and reattach the wires. Same case applies to the switching copper plates pale juu ya shower head. Most likely they will have sagged or unguad kiasi, which you can repair easily.

Otherwise, maji ya borehole (which very salty especially sides za rongai) will keep spoiling your generic salty water shower heads masquerading as originals and you will keep spending thousands every year :grin:.

I don’t know where you can get an original shower head hii tao, maybe you import :joy:, or follow my advice and do the repair work :muscle:.


That’s instant shower almost killed me , I cant dare use it ,either maji from a birika or any other means of warming then niweke Kwa karai or just use cold shower.


I have been doing this for so many years, I stopped buying new shower heads. I would rather buy a new filament for like 200 bob.

Mind giving us the back story?


Also waiting for someone to recommend a good one. Mind has no sweet spot. it either half-assedly heats water or heats all the way up like I am a chicken for slaughter.


It happened in a guest house bathroom, I popped into the bathroom for a shower and all was well at first until the water flow reduced leading to very hot water and before I could know it there was a burst and the whole unit hanged with the live wires almost getting into contact with my head .Nilitoka Kwa hiyo bafu haraka Sana with soap foam all over .


:joy: pole. However, as long as earth wire is working properly, you cannot be electrocuted by a the water (technically it gets heated by live wires). That’s why I recommend that in case of repair, MAKE SURE you don’t remove the hanging green wire thinking it’s useless :joy:.


Hehe, the place I moved to landlord aliniekea instant shower ya 6000WATTS!!! Like WTF!. But maji ni ya borehole. So far so good 3 months down the line. Stima tu ndiyo ina mumunya.


I stay in Ngong and the salty water is very high. Currently using Enershower. Once a month I open up the bottom part where the element cylinder is, mix bi-carbonate of soda and vinegar close it up and let it work its magic overnight. It removes all the salt that has built up and its as good as new.


I finally got a genuine Lorenzetti Shower Head from Carrefour the Hub, these guyz even stock OEM replaceable parts for these shower head units. I highly recommend Carrefour The Hub for Genuine Lorenzetti Shower Heads. Now to answer your comments let me go at them one by one.

Yes i’m very much aware of this fact but dude you have to check out this particular shower heads element to believe how hard it is to fix, let alone get its replaceable part. It’s unlike any other element i’ve seen. But first let me post three of the shower-heads i’ve wekad kwa store due to problems.

  1. Shower-head 1 is an excellent shower-head i will do a review of it in the next post highlighting reasons as to why it’s the absolute best. The problem with it is it’s a fresh water shower head that corrodes it’s element very easily in my house. The unit is still functional and i’m keeping it just in case i move to fresh water house in the near future.

  2. Shower-head 2 is a bogus shower-head which kept on getting corroded terminals and element kufunikwa na chumvi. Eventually both elements snapped nikawachana nayo.

  3. Shower-head 3 is the most recent shower-head i got from Luthuli Avenue. This is a salty water shower-head with an element haipatikani kwa duka. You cannot buy the spring element alone but the whole contraption as it is.


The damn thing imekatika huko ndani and you cant fit fingers in that cylinder to fix it. A hook nose pliers also failed to reach that space. I’ve asked retailers around and the tell me for that part i have to import it coz haziko. That part has to be bought as it is as a whole. Our market only has Lorenzetti replaceable parts.

I’ve also been replacing mine but kwa zile simple kama the above (Shower-Head 1)


Does your landlord work for Kenya Power? :joy::joy::joy:


Here’s the little i ca tell you about them

1. LORENZETTI - Maxi Ducha
Temperature Setting – 3 (OFF/COLD, WARM, HOT)
Circuit Breaker – 25A
Power – 4500W
•Low power consumption
•Lorenzetti is like the Toyota of Hot-Showers, finding replacement parts is easy
•Has 3 temperature settings which are not that comfortable i.e. the Warm setting gives non satisfying Luke-Warm temperature while the hot setting gives an extremely hot temperature.

2. LORENZETTI - Maxi Ducha Ultra
Temperature Setting – 3 (OFF/COLD, WARM, HOT)
Circuit Breaker – 25A
Power – 4600-5500W
Advantages and disadvantages same as above

3. HORIZON - Ultra
Temperature Setting – 3 (OFF/COLD, WARM, HOT)
Circuit Breaker – 30A
Power – 5400W
Advantages and disadvantages same as above

4. LORENZETTI - Maxi Ducha 4T
Temperature Setting – 4 (OFF/COLD, WARM, VERY WARM, HOT)
Circuit Breaker – 32A
Power – 6400W
• Can be comfortably used in low water pressure areas due to its design
• Has 4 temperature options (setting No.3 is the sweet spot)
• Compatible with solar water heaters
• Has a large water base spreader providing more bathing comfort
• It’s straight forward internal mechanism & simple element filament makes it very easy to repair
• This is a power hungry unit producing high electricity bills for the consumer
• Large base spreader provides much more water in your shower thus slightly higher water bill than the other models

1.FAME - Super Ducha Quatro
Temperature Setting – 4 (OFF/COLD, WARM, VERY WARM, HOT)
Circuit Breaker – 30A
Power – 6000W
•Has 4 temperature options (setting No.3 is the sweet spot)
•Compatible with solar water heaters
•high power consumption
•It’s element has a complicated design and expensive to purchase or find

2. ENERBRAS – Enershower 4T
Temperature Setting – 4 (OFF/COLD, WARM, VERY WARM, HOT)
Circuit Breaker – 25A
Power – 4500W
• Low power consumption
• Not a common unit in the market thus finding replacement parts is difficult

The best in fresh water showerheads has to be the Lorenzetti Maxi Ducha 4T KShs 3,500/- (but look for one with 5000W and below) while for Salty/Borehole water areas go for the Enerbras Enershower 4T Kshs 2,800/-

While shopping for Hot Water Shower heads look for one that falls within these criteria

  1. First and foremost always check the miniature circuit breaker ampere rating of your house electrical system (i.e. whether 25A or 30A) to guide you purchase the correct shower-head unit with the correct ampere rating for your house. In the event you forget to check your house electrical system miniature circuit breaker ampere rating and purchase a shower-head with a different circuit breaker rating, then you could always purchase the correct corresponding miniature circuit breaker for your house to match the ampere rating indicated on the already purchased shower-head.

  2. Power wattage should be on or below 5000W for an economical electricity power bill

  3. Look for a shower head with a 4 Temperature setting toggle switch to give you that sweet spot (Very Warm) setting (usually setting No.3)

  4. If the above criteria are satisfied by a Lorenzetti Brand Shower-Head then purchase it since OEM replaceable parts of Lorenzetti Shower Heads are readily available and easier to find in the market.


Thanks man. This will help.


I live in Ngong where virtually all water is borehole water. My lorenzetti that served me perfectly for almost 10 years in Imara daima died the first month I moved to Ngong. In Imara daima I never even had to replace the element. I went to Tuskys Ngong and they told me lorenzetti is great ONLY for soft water. they then sold me a fame head made for hard water. the element lasts about six months and costs around 500 bob. that’s good service in my books. I like to tinker with electronics and recently figured out I can patch the dead element and have it give me 2-3 months more service. I occasionally boil everything I can remove from the :shower: in dilute vinegar to maintain efficiency.


Thanks to this thread, I’ve cleaned and soldered one of the loose connections that had come off. Well, mine has served me well, for 9.75 years. I;ve been using borehole water and the so called Type 1 shower head.


Don’t worry the way instant showers work they are unlikely to kill you

I also see people saying you should switch on the water before switching on the heater, fact is even when the shower is on it electricity won’t flow unless water is in the shower and at a set pressure usually 1 bar.
Advice is don’t buy showers from supermarkets go to tile and carpet or ideal ceramics, our remaining supermarkets are not very trusted with fake vs originals.


This hustle is what most people don’t want to deal with


Hi. Please advise where I can get genuine element for Lorenzetti maxi 4t. The electrician keeps getting the wrong one. Thanks.


Try Electric Link shop at DSM place ground floor kijabe street


After a long time even with Mombasa being hot, I have decide to buy and instant shower, after looking around including some very pricey at T&C I went to Jumia an ordered this

HOPE THEY DON"T SCREW ME UP but they were the best option for me, I expect it Thursday or Friday, it’s supposedly salty water friendly, but the thing I liked about this one was the easily interchangeable and available elements at the different water switch which does not close the circuit if there is no water flowing through the shower ( I don’t trust Le-wife to switch it off after shower.
I got my electrician to wire a 6.0 mm gauge wire with a 32 amp breaker from the board, following advice and instructions online, I hope this one lasts the one I installed at my parents home 5 years ago still works fine although their water is rain water which is very clean not salty like mine.