Incoming Call without SIM inserted


I hate to admit but this makes so much sense. Lol.


not quite, directly to my number, since they still somehow have my Saf number recorded as a Telkom number in their systems

Would also wanna know this, ii yake ni ngori :smiley:


At least I tried. Anybody with another plausible explanation?

Maybe what @Omgitsdes said is what’s going on. The phone might just be slow to refresh network information. After all ejecting a sim card with the phone booted must be unexpected for the operating system. Also, Infinix phones are not awfully fast running compared to other brands.


This is probably the case. The phone does not refresh as fast and it reports to the network that the sim is intact. Why do we need a SIM card then? Shouldn’t we just get digital SIMs and we move to whatever network we want?

More worrying is that the manufacturers basically clone each SIM that is inserted?


This was to bw replicated. Was it done?


Ok guys sorry for the delay but here is the video i did of the infinix phone ringing without a simcard. Pardon my video editing skills it’s my first time to make an online video :see_no_evil:

And i noticed one can’t upload a video on Techweez forum so just click here it is:


Not bad but at least we all managed to see the full number you hid with the emojis. :joy::joy:


:smile: I need to find a video editing app that blurs it instead. Suggestions are welcome


Watching this vid made me realize how serious this can be, ama ni kuhackiwa? :grinning:


Those are just issues with the akina Infinix, Tecno, Oppo, Wiko et-al, Phones like Xperias automatically restart themselves the minute you pull a simcard out of its sim slot


Don’t mention something you’ve not used. I have used couple of them and nothing like this ever happened. They always restart themselves. Wacha Hatred msee!


I haven’t used them but get lots of them coming in for repair


One thing I believe in, how people use their devices matters a lot.
Most people carelessly handle their devices bana. Siringi but there’s no phone I ever owned has developed any issue AT ALL.


Tried to recreate the scenario with an Infinix Hot 6 Pro and the call didn’t go through.


Hmmm then it must be unique to that specific model coz yesterday we tried it with someone elses hot note and it still rang


The original Hot Note?


Mine actually restarts immediately i push out the SIM tray


Hot note 2, the exact same model


This one deserves an article.


Not to brag but my cheapo China phone doesn’t restart at all :sunglasses::sunglasses:. When I eject the SIM tray and put it back with a new SIM, it just goes to the PIN entry page without rebooting saving that half-minute or so for reboot. It also only asks for the PIN of the newly inserted SIM and skips PIN check for the one I haven’t changed (that’s if I enabled Airplane Mode first.) anybody else have such an awesome phone?