IMAX (Xenon and Laser) vs Dolby Cinema



Anyone else who cares about movie theatres…? :grin::grin: Apparently Kenya’s two Imax theatres still use 2k resolution digital xenon projectors instead of dual 4k laser, you can confirm that from Imax Wikipedia page (despite some blogs claiming that its laser). This results in a much dull image with not so good contrast ratio.

There is no Dolby cinema in kenya yet, despite that some use the atmos sound technology (A Dolby cinema has dolby vision and atmos). In my experience, any theatre in Kenya that is not Imax has poor 3d rendering (some images are left with shadows around them). I wish there was a true Dolby cinema in Kenya or an Imax with dual 4k laser projectors. The only reason to visit a kenyan theatre is sound, its really immersive, but only those with atmos and Imax. Atmos is really balanced while Imax tend to have “bassier” sound.

Advantages of Dolby cinema and imax with laser are high contrast ratio and brightness. I hope the much hyped “4d” theatre slated to open at Tworivers mall will have Dolby cinema or imax with laser :unamused:.


Well,I think Dolby Cinema is way more dope than the IMAX setup…Its disappointing that 6 years on,Cinemas locally haven’t caught on to 4K and better sound.Well i think Two Rivers are hyping up their “4D” setup too much but i will give it a try at some point…But in all honesty,Local Cinemas need to evolve,unlike in 2012 when you couldnt get a 4K 3D TV and a home theatre for your place,now you can get the same setup for less than 100k and there is a ton of downloable/subscribable and available 4K HDR 3D content especially movies on the web that one can literary do their own Cinema like movie experience at home…and then there is Netflix,Prime Video,Showmax…Its tough being in the cinema business now with all this competition.Dolby is intergrating a lot of its technology on the panels(Sony/LG/Samsung TV’s),the content(Netflix and Prime video) and home theatre systems(LG,SONY)…For all intents and purposes,i am already immersed in Dolby Cinema 1.0 for everything i am consuming if i can call it that…So Dolby is winning.