I reconnected my Zuku while high last night



So last night I was high and today morning I realize I have reconnected my Zuku account after probably a year of not using it. I have previously done some interesting things when high, a few months ago I went to the supermarket and did house shopping, a lot of it, I even bought dog conditioner. But this isn’t about my habits after catching pints.

Fast. com scores it a 9.5Mbps internet speed with a 1Mbps upload. I will share details of the quality in coming updates.

Zuku Increased Costs After Internet tax, then Reverted Back
Which Power Laptops are we using in 2018?

How high were you?


Just a few beers, probably 7.

Which Power Laptops are we using in 2018?

I have to ask, what is dog conditioner?


Hair conditioner for the dog. It’s a maltese, so long hair.


:joy::joy: lucky dog., you must be someone interesting to be around when high :smile:


Next time tag me along. I’ll help you to do the shopping and carry it to my home.



Be sure to share any experiences with customer care.


Customer care is quite good, actually. After paying at night, my connection wasn’t made, so I called at 10am the next day and call was picked after four rings. My issue was fixed in 2 minutes.


What happened? These guys came first before KPLC when it comes to customer care.


When I stopped using Zuku, I didn’t stop because they wouldn’t take my calls, it’s because they had spread themselves out too thin, and my 10Mbps connection was literally 2Mbps. I couldn’t see the difference between that and mobile data.


They were worse. I guess customers have fled so they have to up their game.


In my neighbourhood they must have lost 90% of their business when Safaricom Fibre rolled out. I always felt that their customer support was overwhelmed.

Though if Zuku have stepped their game up then it is good for the consumer.


The zuku customer care team actually called me telling me that they have improved internet services in my area and would like me to reactivate my account with them,they were offering a 50% discount n all.Had to tell the rep i am okay and fine with safaricom home fibre and i am no longer interested in the zuku offering.


Here in my estate,they virtually lost everyone in one year…My entire block moved to home fibre in 3 months…winning neighbourhoods back is gonna be really hard for Zuku…


This is the offer I got, with a promise to up my speeds to 30Mbps after 3 months of half price. Safaricom fiber is not on my side of the road, apparently we are too few houses here.


Why so brutal though?