Hundreds of Birds Drop Dead During 5G Trial in Netherlands


I’m trying not to imagine what 5G can do to humans over time if the claims of 5g killing the birds is true.


I saw that article a while ago and landed on YouTube to check out the video. If you check on comments, locals are claiming that it’s not a 5G antenna but just a small antenna used by a local organization. The antenna has been there for ages and so they termed the whole story a hoax.


Conspiracy theories are always coming up eeh…


If the same doesn’t occur in other ares where the same test is being conducted then there’s nothing to worry about…
The whole saga got me thinking though… in my house there’s Wi-fi, Bluetooth, Infrared, GSM(gprs, 3g & LTE), NFC, RF, Satellite, microwave and many other frequencies… I don’t wanna go by the saying too much of anything is dangerous… I just want to believe am safe.


You remind me of that court yenye sijui iko Milimani next to some huge network masts yenye judges wote wamekataa for the same reason you’ve highlighted.


By the way. Also used to wonder on the potential impacts of all these technologies on a person


What I can somewhat agree is placing your laptop on your lap over a long period of time may affect parts of your body’s functionality because of the heat, the rest are just myths.


Wow, I have not heard of it. That is crazy…


All these are on the safe radio spectrum.