How to check if your Android smartphone supports USB On-The-Go (OTG)


Fun fact: Ports have a finite number of cycles (insertions and extractions). Your OTG flash disk is actually “more harmful” than WiFi Direct. :slight_smile:


Sure. Point was the transfer speeds and convenience especially sending from other devices


I’m pretty sure that most smartphone’s USB ports outlast the phones themselves so I’m not worried. Battery life is more important to me and I don’t like to use the phone while it’s plugged in so I simply find alternatives to unnecessary wireless connections.


Yes. Most do but I was addressing this specific line

Anyway, I get mediocre speeds using the phone’s port. Wireless transfer all the way (for me)


You’re right. Speed is hit and miss with wired connections but I don’t mind because it’s never dreadfully slow and it’s not every day that I need to transfer my entire library to my phone. It’s usually just a few gigs of movies and my phone averages about 30MBps which is not slow at all. Sometimes it reaches almost 50MBps on a USB 3 port.