How much of the Telkom 4G4Free bundle do you typically use?


I hope speeds recover, particularly response times. Loading web pages is a pain in the ass. WhatsApp uploads have also been failing too much. More importantly, why aren’t they revising their ordinary bundles? Freedom bundles have calls and sms bundled so I don’t expect them to increase data size. But what about kawaida bundles?

Check this out:
On freedom monthly for 500 shillings, you get 1.5 GB data, free sms to all networks, free calls to Telkom, and calls to other networks at 2 shillings.

Now… The monthly data only bundle for 500 shillings gives you just 1.5 GB data and nothing else. What is up with the guys that design these packages? Don’t they see the glaring differences?


Don’t expect anything meaningful from guys who schooled at St. Mary’s and are now working in Marketing and top executive positions in these companies.

Hawa watu hawajuangi nini customers wanahitaji.


Ahahahahaaa… Kwani St. Mary’s ilikufanya nini? You are always so critical about them.

These packages are hurting them more than they know. They will inevitably cannibalize each other and hurt their profits. You don’t need to be a genius to know that people always go for the best option which in this case might hurt their profits. The freedom bundles are what people will flock to because of the free calls within Telkom and free SMS to all. Calls within the network, data, and sms don’t cost them much. However, giving people free sms to other networks will lead to numerous texts being sent to other networks because that’s where everyone else is. When you factor in the cross-network charges for sending messages you’ll see that it will eat into their profits. There was a time Orange had SMS bundles which would give you lots of cross-network SMSes but they canceled it probably for the same reason.

I just fail to understand why mobile operators in Kenya are so mean when it comes to data. Like why did Telkom give free 1 gig data daily for almost 3 months and when the offer ends they don’t even bother to revise their data packages? There must be something I’m not seeing.


Finally the 4G4Free is over. Now these sticky-fingered guys have no excuse to keep zeroing my airtime balance on a whim.


hahahaha…my fren the St. Mary’s Alumni run the economy beginning with the country’s CEO, UK and then the main cartel himself, Jimmi Wanjigi.

These guys are everywhere. My cousin who is older than me (probably in his 50s now) brags of how he was UK’s classmate at that school. That guy is now in a huge legal tussle with JKUAT and Masinde Muliro over land his family donated for a campus to be set up. Masinde claiming to be the first beneficiary but the donation was later given to JKUAT and now Masinde is claiming JKUAT gave a brown envelop. Sorry for the personalization here.

Those guys call it shots and they are only focused on profit maximization and not the general goodwill of the public.

Somehow, I associate such CEOs with the St. Mary’s Alumni :joy::joy::joy:.

Cyprian Nyakundi once did an article about them and where they are in government.


Very interesting read :+1::+1::+1:. Thanks for the info. No wonder every time there is a major cartel stifling business the government is unable (read unwilling) to deal with it. It must be these people having secret meetings to discuss how they’re going to protect their mutual hunger for profit. I now understand a little more about how this country works.


Hahaha. making it sound like a gadget


I’m all about the logic. It’s easy to obsess about the effects of something on our day-to-day lives but I dig deeper to find the cause. Find the cause and you have the antidote -OR- should I say Anti-virus hahaha…


Is it just me or did the Telkom network just disappear, checking their Twitter and guys are going nuts


Trouble started at around 3am and as usual, they denied it telling guys to restart their phones. Then they went mute for like 5 hours and are now responding to tweets acknowledging an interent outage.

Personally, I have complained for two days including yesterday night of intermittent connectivity and they told me we can see you have sessions and I told them of cos, I’m attempting to use the internet and sessions of attempts will be there. They apologised and told me to change browser (:joy::joy::joy:)

I responded, and since then I’m hearing from them right now acknowledging a network-wide internet outage.


The Telkom bundle system is also out of whack. I bought the 40 MB daily bundle, browsed with about 10 MB of it and when I checked my balance, I found that I had 68 MB remaining. I won’t get my hopes up this time.

Earlier I got a message that I had been awarded 50 MB because of the internet outage and when I went to browse with it all my airtime got stolen. This is getting really annoying. I have my Airtel line on standby and if this Telkom thievery continues I will take my business elsewhere.


so basically opera mini is for communists


I don’t think Norwegians (operas original owners) were communists but now that it’s owned by the Chinese I don’t know which answer is the correct one. I do, however know that opera Mini is a life saver for many people who want to be frugal with their data. That’s why I like it so much. UC and Dolphin mini just can’t compete with it.