How much of the Telkom 4G4Free bundle do you typically use?


They have no difference with the normal bundles. XL used to have the option of browsing at slower speeds when bundles deplete but that was removed.

But have you noticed that you are going at a loss? The 10GB bundle is 2K. But if you decide to go with daily bundles renewing manually you’ll end up with 16GB for 2K.


What if i want a 1GB download within an hour?

Thanks for this.


If you want 1GB in an hour just load all the MBs you need since you are allowed to renew the bundle was many times as possible. There is no limit. You’ll get more GBs that way.

If renewing 50bob everytime is tough, you can use the weekly 2GB @250bob. it goes at the same price as the 50bob one in terms of bundle allocation

50bob = 400MBs
250bob/50bob = 5 X 400MBs = 2GB (Weekly).


I agree with you about Holla, they should have just worked on refining this offer, maybe even introduce weekly and monthly Holla, is bundled voice sms n data., then make Freedom bundles to be data only, even 4G only bundles, and make spoil us with lots of cheaper data options.
These guys didnt think this through, think al be going back to Airtel now

Talking of which, remember Yu Mobile guys? got a line from a friend who says they don’t use it anymore. Being curious if it still works I put it on my phone and checked the data offers that are available. The bundles are mostly the same as the normal airtel ones, from he daily 1GB to unliminet., but theres a category called “Amua data bundles” where theres a “Daily Unlimited” daily offer at 39 bob.

U can only imagine the grin on my face when i first saw that :smiley:.
Apparently I first had to be subscribed to a special tariff called Amua_Airtel, something that was to happen automatically when Airtel took over the Yu lines ti it’s network, but coz the line was off at the time of the switch that didnt happen. It now had to be done on customer cares side and had to wait two weeks for that to happen.

After some agonizing two weeks they notified me via Twitter that the switch had been done. I loaded airtime and subscribed. Found out that the offer isn’t completely unlimited, you are given 460MBs valid for 24hours, and even after the 460MBs are used up you still cannot connect to the internet, even though customer care said I would be able to but at slower speeds
I find this offer to be sweet though, 460MBs daily at 39 bob., even better than XL daily 400mb at 50 on Telkom, minus the 4G network


Back then it used to be 100mbs, then they bumped it to 300mbs. Too bad YU was not sincere with customers. I reported them to the then CCK and to my surprise they sent technicians who came home to do network tests and established that the network was poor.

They tried to increase the height of their booster which was kilometers away from home and came back to do another test and established that the network is still poor.

Last thing they did was make a recommendation to marketing team to have a booster set up near home. Unfortunately, the marketing team ignored their request kumbe they were focusing on getting more subscribers through free calls to sell the network.


Yenyewe their network was poor. I remember back in the day when downloading music from waptrick was the thing, used to get many failed downloads despite Yu offering the cheapest bundles. Signal was also not so good, kwanza their boosters were short short ones and used to be far away. The nearest one to my home was like 500 metres away and wasnt even visible coz of tall buildings between the booster and home. Used to frustrate me a lot that i threw away my line. It was a lost opportunity for Essar
Then Airtel took over the lines and thought Yu had a chance, but seems Airtel weren’t planning to have you around for long coz they cut selling of new lines to distributors. So seems like if you have a Yu line you are one of the lucky few.
Now that my pal doesnt want anything to do with the line al keep it and occasionally be using the line for that “unlimited”


The network was more appealing to young people. Everyone in my gang had a YU line. Had loads of other friends who depended on YU for cheap internet. Yes we had our Safaricom lines but YU used to be for bundles ukipata 40bob to spend.

Right now usistukie Airtel imeuzwa.


That’s not a mistake. These people are clever SOBs when you think about it.

In music, for a song to be a hit it must have a ‘hook.’ That’s an extremely catchy verse or phrase that people cannot get out of their minds. This is the kind of product design that mobile operators are using.

They know that they cannot give customers a product that has everything in one because it would render all their other products obsolete. So, what do they do? They create tens of different products where each product has a part that is sweeter than the rest. This way, every product gets a substantial number of loyal users. The ideal situation for the operator is to force people to buy several products without feeling too exploited to jump ship.

As I said, their data pricing is no mistake. The hook in ‘Freedom’ bundles is that you get free calls within the network, free SMS, and calling other networks for 2 bob but the data allocation is tiny compared to the other packages. The hook with the Home plan is that you get lots of data BUT… you can only use it on the 4G network and all your money goes to data (no additional benefits for voice calls, specifically, across networks.) XL bundles also have big data allocation but you get nothing else (no calls or SMS).


XL means Extra Large. They have a lot more data than ordinary packages.


You can stack XL bundles with a bundle of similar or longer validity. They auto renew but if that happens any balance you had not used up goes poof! I recommend doing it manually just before your previous bundle expires.


I remember back in Campo when YU had a night calling offer. You would load like 20 bob airtime and call the whole night. That sh*t made my roommate give us sleepless nights calling his various girlfriends. The guy had no shame. I swear the things that he was talking were nasty AF.


It helped me so much with my girl friends (friends tu) we used to call and talk a lot. ilifika time wakaeka 10bob day and night.


So check the safaricom tunukiwa 100mbs for 20bob same as the Facebook surf rates this seems interesting


1000 sms for 24hrs :persevere::persevere::persevere:


This is a two-day only offer. It expires on 21st October


What’s app with telkom today? Super super super slow


This free 4G data, is it available only when you are connected to the 4G network or can it be used even on 3G(or 2G)?


Just got a message from Telkom. WhatsApp promo ends today. Funny enough 4G4Free is still on.


4G also ends tonight.
Dear customer, 4G4FREE promotion ends on 2nd November at midnight. You can subscribe to Freedom bundles to enjoy FREE WhatsApp & FREE Telkom calls. Dial *544#.


Hopefully the speeds will recover to launch month speeds,it became painfully slow that even the free data was infuriating to use,wonder how their Network will handle many more people if 2 million cannot enjoy better speeds