How much of the Telkom 4G4Free bundle do you typically use?


I have used my modem around these areas - both in 7 out of buildings - and it does read ‘4G’

Where I live SafCon is bad. In town, signal is spot on. Get to AP/GSU side and it drops completely then switches between EDGE/HSPA+/‘4G’ like a flickering KPLC light. Sundays seems to be an exception where you can find ‘4G’ for almost 20 minutes of use before it drops out.

Maybe Eastlands is better

So @martingicheru apparently the forum thinks I’m playing favourites and would like me to respond to other members with the same frequency/quantity


Everywhere I have been Safaricom is better. The only place that I was frustrated with Safaricom’s connectivity was in Mombasa around 2011 around the Airport where YU Network as so much better. But away from the Airport I did find areas hidden at the Coast like Kijipwa Airstrip (hidden inside some forest), vipingo etc with Safaricom network and I was so amazed at that time.

Back in shags in Maili Saba Kitale, same thing. Right now some networks have catch up but it used to be bad between 2005 - 2010 there.

I remember going as far as Turkwel in Turkana and Kapsokwony in Mt. Elgon in 2004 and only Safaricom network could be picked (though the signal was bad it was worth it but hey at that time there were only two players).

Right now I have 4G in shags and I can give Safaricom 80% in terms of network quality, availability, and service.

That aside and guess who is taking the bandwidth war headon? Airtel with 1GB @100bob per day.


Yes. Uwache kipendeleo.


Freedom coming tomorrow?


What do you mean? Any salivating news?


It (an ad from Telkom) was in the papers today. I was hoping someone might enlighten us on what to expect tomorrow.


So Telkom just killed 4G4Free earlier than expected and instead has given us Freedom bundles. After going through them am just disappointed


I’m disappointed too. Goodness. What freedom is that? They want to claim that they are giving you free OnNet calls, free sms, and free What’s app 50MBs. This is a miss!!!

Wale watu waliku wana enjoy 4G for free na bundle ya 20bob weekly :joy::joy::joy:


They saying that 4G4Free is still there even though the option is not there on USSD


Someone is confused at Telkom. They have also apologised saying that it is still there.


I received the text indicating i’ve been awarded 4GForFRee. Well, nothing lasts forever.


for real, seems there’s a communication problem within Telkom :smirk:


So I just called customer care 100 and the lady has confirmed that 4G4free is still there. Apparently you have to subscribe to the other regular bundles besides the Freedom bundles in order to get the notification.
I’ve tried subscribing to the Weekly 20mb and I got the notification so it works.
Av also asked if 4G4free will be available beyond 31st Oct and she said that it’s scheduled to end on 31st, unless further communication is made


They should give us a data bundle that will make us climb on trees not to lose their network. If they can give 1GB free, why not give us an unbeatable 1GB offer like what Airtel is doing.


Everything has a catch if you look closely enough. The Airtel bundle expires after 24 hours but at least it’s a lot of data. I thought Telkom had the 4G4Free extended to come up with really sweet bundles but they disappoint me. These freedom bundles are exactly what they had before. Even safaricom introduced 4G bundles when they launched their 4G. These are basically 3G bundles but they’ll be consumed at 4G speed.

Telkom has shit the bed with this nonsense. They’ll most probably lose me as a data customer. This shenanigans is the final nail on the coffin. I now have to jump on the fiber train.


So Telkom is promoting the Freedom Bundles but the responses utathania watu walikaa pamoja and agreed to complain on one thing.


Does Telkom ever check their bundles across the different tariffs eg why should I buy 100mb for 49 bob when I can get 400mb for the same on XL.
Also the freedom 1GB for 249 while I can get XL 2GB for 249. for 2,999 I can get 30GB ‘unlimite’ on XL or 35GB on homeplan and for 999 I can get 12GB on xL instead of 4GB on freedom?


What are XL bundles? What’s the catch? I always avoid them because of the XL name.


This bundle is expensive because of free calls, whats app, and free sms (all networks for sms). It is not for browsers. But again, what are Hola Bundles for Again? So instead of refining already existing products, they have decided to :poop::poop::poop: around.

XL bundles offer cheap data bundle offers. 50 bob 400MB/Day, 250 2GB/Week, 990 bob 6GB/Month.

I have suggest that they introduce 1GB/Day, 2GB/3Days, 5GB/Week on the XL with better pricing. However, the marketing guys who went to St. Mary’s school won’t see the sense in it.


Do they auto renew? Can you roll them over? I go for the monthly 10GB offer. XL name has been keeping me off.