How much of the Telkom 4G4Free bundle do you typically use?


Big words… One thing I’ve learnt is customer service personell aren’t the best equipped or the most knowledgeable on issues. It’s like the comps t doesn’t invest in an office wide alert system notifying users of downtime.

I feel telcos should message users when a downtime of more than 5 min is expected so we can adapt.

Telkom has been bad this week. But so has power where we’ve been and in this neighbourhood they usually go hand in hand - cell tower goes dark for a bit everytime power poteas.


I guess my lucky streak is running out then. I am one of the few people who can honestly say they have used the 4G4Free offer to the limit. I don’t know how I’m going back to buying bundles again because for the past 2 months I have used about 300 bob credo on data and I have had 1gig every day free. This offer has spoilt me rotten. I hope they increase their bundle sizes after this offer ends because I won’t survive otherwise.


Telkom their connectivity will go off and even their CC online will be affected. At times they do have mitigation measures in place to engage with customers but other times they also caught off guard and go completely off online. Funny thing when service is restored they will act like they are not are of the issue when their tweet timestamps betrays them. Last replied to a tweet like over an hour ago with tons of no interent tweets waiting for them.

You so lucky bro. If I had this offer, I’d probably let my sister use it. She is a data hog on my WiFi after complaining that Safaricom ni waizi. I tried checking her phone and changed some settings but still her phone would gobble up bundles like nobody’s business only to realize that her thirst for udaku online is to blame. Streaming all instagram videos and naija movies then claim unaibiwa bundles.

All I’m hoping for is for great bundle offering otherwise if Faiba 4G or Airtel 4G goes live, they might be in for a huge surprise.

Just curious, can you petition against Telkom to the Competition Authority. They should stop using 4G to market themselves when that 4G is literally no where. Unless they rename it to something like 4G hotspots.


By the way @martingicheru that new bundle pricing leak ya Telkom. Any information about it?


Haha! Unfortunately you cannot because even if their 4G is in a single neighborhood they can still say that they have 4G. The CA cannot tell networks where to make their network available. I hope they will increase 4G coverage because even I suffer every time I go away from my “4G Hotspot.”


is this 4G4free still working, I loaded my usual 9 bob and bought 15GB but after hitting 100mb I received a your bundle is over text note I am always on 4G even in my commute actually my phone is locked to 4G, and I did’t have any balance data.


I’m still receiving those 4G4free messages. So I think it’s still on. Take advantage of it to the few that have access to their 4G.


I think I’m the king of effective utilization of the 4G4Free bundle!
I subscribe to the weekly 20MB @ 19/= (:joy::joy:) which activates it. It gets renewed every day of the week and to ensure haimaliziki I set network to 4G only and set data usage limit to 1GB!
On a day sijatumia sana I easily use 250-300MB but I frequently maliza the entire 1GB! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Shida ni when they decide to stop the offer and I’m already a spoilt, data hungry, smartphone zombie! Kurudi chini itakuwa ngumu! :sob::sob:


One lucky chap! Mimi ni machungu tu nao.


Enjoying 4G4Free but somehow feeling like the Telkom 4G feels like safaricom 4G, I have a 720p tablet when on saf 4G youtube automatically plays at 720p, on telkom automatically plays at 360p, tells more about the quality and the free stuff
Alafu guys I did a network search in Nyali, Bamburi and Mombasa town and alas Airtel 4G is missing, is it just Mombasa or everywhere


@kiharajon you mean there was Airtel 4G??


Hehehe but it has only been found on those sides only.

There are people who mentioned of seeing it on network search results.


They are back they should launch this thing already


I can confirm that the 4G4Free is still on. Telkom is going to break many people’s hearts when they end this offer because they have already turned us into addicts. They should give us special packages just to keep us around because their 4G is not as good as Safaricom. I think the quality difference is enough to make me go back to Safaricom unless they give us some really unbeatable bundles. Clearly they have the capacity so why not put the interests of customers first for a change.


@kiharajon I would love to know the phone you’re using at the moment


I have Xiaomi redmi 4x, it’s 5 inch with humongous battery


Then we would fight everyone since no one has true 4G to begin with… Just marketing jargon

1GB of free data a day comes to 30GB a month for Telkom users which is clearly a way to sifn up new users who don’t spend as much. It’s a good way to beat Safcon if you’re in their pocket network areas. I think more pressure is needed to remove the monopoly. Jio in india has the right idea:

Jio does not have a Rs 799 plan but for Rs 999 plan, it is offering 90 GB unlimited data at 4G speed. The recharge pack is valid for 90 days. After a user has exhausted the 90GB limit, the internet speed will reduce to 128kbps. Free voice calls and SMSes are also a part of this plan.

Imagine that. 90GB data at KES 1500 where Safcon only gives you 5GB with NO FREE CALLS or SMS (yet sms costs them nothing to operate :eyes:)


The thing that has made it difficult to beat Safaricom is quality of service. I think we addressed this issue here sometimes back when I claimed that free calls and sms will not connect the customer to the internet.

The same applies for free data with no network.

They knew giving the free 1GB was not going to harm them because after all they have 4G hotspots and very few are going to utilize this program. So the free data is simply used for marketing. Go to their fanpage and you’ll see tons of complaints and how Telkom choses to ignore and claim that users are covered by 4G the same way they did to me until I proved that we don’t have 4G in Eastlands.

My point here is unlike Safaricom, which I can attest to experiencing better 4G speeds than most networks in most countries provide to their customers, Telkom is using 4G yet their coverage is very dismal. Even in the CBD picking a 4G signal is a hustle. They should not be allowed to use 4G and 4G for free to attract customers when they are not able to provide that service.


Perhaps it is because I live in an area without 4G from Telkom (safcon has 1 when you can find it, 3 bars at night) so haven’t thoroughly reviewed this.

In the CBD, I access 4G very easily on my Mi-Fi router.

There is network except in dead zones (no network from any carrier) like inside heavily fortified buildings.My aunt’s legal office had no telkom signal, no airtel signal, no safcon ‘4G’ data signal (3G & calls/texts). I shall try a residence and let you know

All carriers are guilty of using this - SafCon advertised ‘4G in Nairobi’ I tweeted that not all of Nairobi is covered but they ignored it. They may have improved with time but they subjected us months of the same. This is a market of advertise first then launch later and it is really sad.

This is debatable. where I live Telkom has better service than Safcon (yeah, surprise) and they even fixed the issue of their network going offline every time there is a power outage. Airtel needs to improve and badly. There is nothing I am doing that warrants super fast speeds so for now I shall wait till they improve. I prefer Airtel & Telkom’s quantity (but slower network) over safcons ‘quality’ (but overpriced)


When I mean no 4G network inside the CBD I don’t mean inside buildings, I mean outside the CBD areas around Afya Center, KTDA/Family Bank plaza, Along Safaricom around Kenya Cinema and among other areas. I was also surprised that even around Extelecoms House where Telkom CC is there you might be lucky to pick up a stable 4G signal.

This brings us back to the aspect of the whole of Eastlands with no 4G. That must be a huge dead zone.

Let’s face it. It is not debatable. But since you prefer quantity over quality then our insights might differ based on that aspect. I remember throwing away an Orange line a few years ago after subscribing to unlimited only to experience speeds of around 20kbps. Nilirudi tu Safaricom na machungu.