How much of the Telkom 4G4Free bundle do you typically use?


The problem with these guys is all in their marketing teams. So you come up with kick ass products but your services are almost inaccessible. Technically, Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu are the biggest data markets. If I was part of their marketing team focus would be getting it right in these cities as opposed to kujaribu bahati in all towns.

I mean, why claim you have 4G nearly in all towns when where 4G is needed you lack coverage in that area?

Problem is, most companies are not paying attention to the marketing concepts of Consumer Decision Journey and Voice of the Customer instead they are just relying on the old Funnel Marketing concept. I pity them.


I’ve had great experience with Telkom 4G to date, coverage is good in my area and I usually use the whole 4G4FREE bundle, ata have pushed my Airtel line on the side for the past 2 months or so :smiley:.
But come to think of it, away from home their 4G coverage ain’t that good in some places outside the CBD, but I’ve noticed that Telkom 3G coverage is quite good these days
Wonder what offers they’ll bring after 4GFREE ends, now that they extended it again to 30th Sept


Probably they’ll extend it again to end of October?


Simple fact they can afford to give away 4G4free because not many people actually use telkom 4G,even though many kenyans have 4G capable phones the majority of the time they are in areas where there is weak or no 4G coverage, but their 3G is actually pretty good, I doubt they have more than 100k guys on 4G throughout, inside buildings in fully covered areas like Mombasa is also not strong you might get 4G at an akward corner of the toilet


In other words Telkom 4G is like wifi. Only available on hot spots near you.

If Faiba 4G and Airtel gets it right on 4G, Telkom will take a beating


Not only Telkom but Safaricom as well.


Please help me understand this???
Using Safaricom now.


Was also experiencing the same, it’s not the first time they using the “Global data” line to explain mobile data being down and no one even explains what it is :unamused:


Waiting for Faiba 4G and Airtel 4G with so much eagerness. Real competition will save us, not what Telkom is doing now. But let me not bash Telkom for now and hope that they are on the ground adding more 4G sites.


I think they’re just using big words because they think they’ll sound more legitimate and make the issue seem escalated. Ati “global data fluctuation” :joy: .
If that’s the case, more ISPs would be having that issue.


This problem is only happening to Telkom. At least once every two days my data connection fails completely for about 15 to 20 minutes. Rebooting the phone or turning it off for about five minutes and then back on doesn’t restore data. It affects both 4G and 3G. During this period you can not transfer even a single byte of data. I tested other networks during these periods and they worked just fine. I finally figured out that it has nothing to do with my phone or the signal strength. It’s the network that is failing and for a reason that they won’t explain to us.

Anyway, I don’t mind so much because I’m on the free data offer so some downtime is acceptable.


I can confirm there was an actual problem yesterday, I don’t know about Telkom or the others but on saf the internet went down for about a minute Max, by the time I was checking if it was my bundle running low they had fixed the issue :smiley:, Hellios need to up their game


Come to think of it, Helios owns part of Zuku :joy::joy::joy:

Not sure if they have sold their share to the South African company.


I experienced the same thing with my Telkom line yesterday too. As for the 4G4Free, I love it


I agree. They(including the government) need to invest more in the network. In my opinion, the Orange stake should have been sold to Viettel not Helios.


Imagine Helios invested $50 million in network expansion when Viettel invested over $1 Billion in the network that it partially owns in Tanzania for network expansion both 3G/4G and fiber. Right now we could be speaking of something different. The company has a history of turning all the networks it has acquired back to profitability in less than 12 months after acquisition.


My Telkom 4G line is still in my pocket for the second month running,the 4G4FREE offer refused my phone kabisa,now just waiting for other operators to come up with compelling offerings,till then Safaricom 4G it is.


I’m hooked up on Telkom 3G. It works just that I will not be experiencing the lavish 4G speeds. Hopefully, let’s wait for Faiba 4G because Airtel with free calls have made the network barely unusable for internet. Safaricom on the other hand, is just too expensive given that I depend on the internet most of the time.


So this Telkom 4G is not even available in areas such as Kinoo. Wenye mko na 4G yao you are very lucky.


Very very lucky