How much of the Telkom 4G4Free bundle do you typically use?


For as long as their network remains poor. It is just a way of attracting more customers to the network but unfortunately, they are unable to keep up with quality of service. 3 months later no 4G in our area.

If you go to their wall, I noticed people of Kisumu, Nakuru, and Eldoret complaining of the same. I have a friend in Nyeri who also told me that they have 4G in the town and once you start to move away from the town to residential areas, the network is barely available even on Edge.


I am enjoying 4G4 free ,every day, I remember you guys discussing about locking your phones onto 4G only, I got this app and it keeps me locked onto Telkoms 4G, the problem is that I can’t make calls on the line


This can be quite useful if you have two phones, even a kabambe to receive calls. You can also use it from 8pm onwards, and early morning when you don’t really expect calls.


The only problem is that this offer will probably end abruptly because there’s no official word on its extension. The network’s reliability is also very questionable because it almost completely fails many times as you make your way towards town. The only place I enjoy it to the maximum is at home.


I think I have spent 100 KES on data for the past one month or so. I bought the 150 MB monthly bundle and still have like 75 MB left from that. I usually wake up in the morning with SMS confirmation that my daily 4G4Free has been renewed. I noticed that even at midnight all I have to do is to turn off data for a few minutes before and after midnight. When I turn it back on I’m on the next day’s allocation. The SMS confirmation comes around morning though.


Worry not, there is news coming on Techweez soon.


Your 4G signal is excellent. No need for the app. Unfortunately, when I used the app to test 4G by locking the phone on 4G realized I could not leave the phone in that state because the signal is hardly available. Use over 1GB on Telkom 3G every day. How I wish I could enjoy this offer.


Hope it gives us data orgasms.


My curiosity is already piqued. I hope they have real solutions to the issues that plague them.

If the do not, they will make it so easy for Airtel to kick their asses when they finally launch 4G. I think Airtel will surprise everyone with their 4G. After taking this long to launch they will surely get it right.


Speaking of Airtel, what is taking them too long?


You must have read my mind bro. Wanted to post about this today. In fact, I tweeted them in the afternoon. These guys must be cash strapped like YU. Back at home in India Airtel is really losing revenue at very fast pace. They were supposed to lauch 4G last year July, then December then April 2017, then end year this year. I see will enter 2018 without Airtel 4G in sight.

May be they are planning to launch 5G na hata CAK hawajui :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Layman’s questions would it cost them anything to silently switch the 4G on? They would see increased traffic on their Network plus a larger test base for the service


Yes it would. First, it would be illegal to do that because the network must get thoroughly tested by CAK to determine if it stays within the allocated channels, if it causes interference to any other wireless frequencies, if and how it handles external interference, and many more tests. Only after passing these checks does CAK give them permission to launch it for commercial use. If they opened it to consumers beforehand, it would cost them their license which they shelled out a lot of money for. CAK being the regulator of almost all consumer wireless frequencies must have monitoring systems that can detect if the network is being used in a way other than what’s allowed.


Wanangoja elections ziishe


Zilishaisha. Waliitisha saucer sasa tutawapatia sufuria nzima.


i gave up on Telkom imagine,i got so frustrated that i just gave up…now waiting for Airtel 4G or Faiba 4G to see if competitors will get better,meanwhile i reverted to Safaricom 4G,even though its expensive,it just works


I’m currently testing Telkom 4G it’s coverage is really wanting.


I think they moved from the safaricom model of going for high density areas like Mombasa and Nairobi and went to the counties with one 4G tower each hence the sketchy coverage,but almost all county headquarters and big towns have Telkom 4G but sketchy


They ought to have concentrated on adequate coverage in Nairobi, Mombasa, Malindi (Damn, the Italians love this guys), Nakuru, Eldoret, and Kisumu. But Nairobi, Mombasa, Malindi, and Kisumu ought to have been a top priority. Otherwise, over half of Nairobi won’t be missing their 4G as of now.


thing is we can live without their 4G,as long as the situation is like that they are not going to make significant progress in that space