How much do you spend on earphones/sets?


They are earbuds, very original. Right off from the S8 retail package.


Kua mpole… “expensive” is relative to one’s income.


So kuna mtu wa S8 aliumia…


The problem with earphones dying fast is that they are not sweatproof. If shopping for a Bluetooth pair, just be sure to buy one with aptx.


Used to buy the 150-200 bob earphones they lasted 2 months max and one bud stops working, I have decided to buy some JBL branded earphones for 1,000/- (I know they might not be genuine JBL) but they are of much g-higher quality and sound much better, had them 3 months now hope they last.


I’ve spent 8,000 on pace products in the last year. The earphones aren’t even worth talking about for my use case but the person I gave them to is highly satisfied.

The headphones are great value for money - great sound and UNBELIEVABLE battery life for a $50 product. I mostly use them for on the go or late at night when II want loud sound without waking other people. I recharge mine 2x a month.

Perhaps it’s my headset but the mic during calls is absolute rubbish - the over ear version. Using bluetooth the other party can’t hear me unless I am in a room alone that’s dead quiet. Worse when using the cable. Using them with Bluetooth on Windows hasn’t worked either as the sound is choppy when watching content. This could be from the encoding the content is on or something to do with KMPlayer.

Will keep testing and update.