High Definition Voice Calling


it seems both caller and receiver should have compatible phones


Safaricom VoLTE…Don’t know whether its available…


This is a great eye opener :eyes::eyes::eyes:


this is interesting


This could be a pointer that they are working on VoLTE?


Yes it could be. The VoLTE toggle switch is now available on the s8 after the latest firmware update. I’ll test with Faiba 4G and report back.


looks like some phone brands already have the memo got this on my infinix smart 2 pro after the october update


Do a VoLTE test with Faiba 4G, if your phone supports the network.


The VoLTE toggle is only available for safaricom so can’t test with Faiba 4G.


I have the Note9 and I don’t have such a toggle…


Pia mie, checked thrice