Here's How to Revert to the Old Chrome Design



Why tie down language to region. I thought the two are mutually exclusive…
You could be staying in a Swahili dominant region but prefer Russian instead…
The region settings should only be useful in tailoring searches to local…


It’s pretentious. I remember there was an outcry when Google Kenya switched us from default English to Kiswahili.

I couldn’t agree more.


Maybe it’s a way of advertising that they are in the region… I remember when I began using the internet I set Facebook and Gmail to Swahili… used to be fun back then :grin:. These business invest a lot in translation cuz they think that one way to get local is by providing services in local language.


I’m pretty sure Kiswahili was a volunteer effort for the likes of Google and Facebook. It is a relatively big market but the large number of dialects doesn’t mean it is viable.


:grin: Voluntary work also requires some investments to make it work… Anyway my point was it’s a form of advertisement.


That is a valid point.


well for some reason chrome was not playing some videos or loading some images on my laptop, tried edge and it is working seamlessly, not a bad browser at all.


Sucks for you mate. Edge are actively migrating to the Chrome browser engine and rumour has it that an alpha release is already available to Microsoft engineers.

Your only options will be Chrome (or its clones Opera, Chromium, Edge, Brave) or the superior browsing experience that is Firefox.