Here's How to Revert to the Old Chrome Design



An who lied to chrome and edge and all browsers software developers that we want to use Kiswahili as the default language. They even change default language to Kiswahili like today without my consent. :expressionless::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:


It seems chromium is the way so instead of trying out all these other browsers like edge,chrome,opera,brave and vivaldi…i have resorted to get the chromium binaries and use them from now on instead of getting all these extra stuff…i love Opera browser though.


Have had this issue with Chrome. It switches me to Kiswahili by default. Even if I dig through the settings and change my default language to English, it still drags me to Kiswahili, for whatever reason. Been irritating to have to manually choose English on each and every session


How do you handle plugin support? Wildvine DRM and some codecs do not come with stock Chromium.


Nah,sorry i am using a precompiled chromium .exe file which i have installed and run…


What’s the point then?

Chrome would be more user friendly and better than all those irrelevant clones.

Edge is a flop and Opera haven’t done anything significant since they introduced multiple tabs over 20 years ago.


You can get an ungoogled build that supports all codecs, WebRTC and Widevine.

Repo -

I am not sure what @Dree_Alexander is using though.


He did mention pre-compiled. I have no idea what that’s about.


Chromium browser is developed opensource so if one wants to install it,first they have to download the binaries from their site then convert these binaries into an executable file (.exe) that can be used to install the browser on the operating system(Windows in my case).


You build Chromium in Windows? That’s an impressive feat.

How do you manage updates?


i get my precompiled chromium builds from this site,try them out


On the plus side these updates are hosted by Google so they seem legit.

Keeping up with updates must be a PITA though!


They have covered this.



Ah yes, I hadn’t spotted this.

On Windows there is support for a third party package manager to handle automatic updates.


Has anyone figured out how to force Chrome to use English exclusively and not resort to Kiswahili randomly.


Under the browser’s language settings, what options are checked?



English, systems Language also English


In Windows is your region set to Kenya/ East Africa?


I also don’t know why chrome suddenly decided I need my searches in Kiswahili, more so on PC. Have changed almost all settings possible na bado napata Swahili searches …


It has to be in the region settings.

And you guys on Window$ have it easy. On Ubuntu I set Nairobi as my region and it elected that my default language is Oromo :no_mouth: