Here's How to Revert to the Old Chrome Design



A little backstory about the new chrome design, the amount of time and effort probably will probably make little sense to most of us.


Aaaah! Chrome 69 :wink: has a few more tricks up its sleeve. You are all welcome to Firefox and DuckDuckGo.

Response from a Google Chrome Engineer -

TL:DR; The sync feature is not turned on by default. [Although, what is stopping them from setting it to on by default later in the future]


I approve this. Best browser on the market in both performance and privacy protection.

This right here is the big issue.


Wait you guys don’t use chrome sync? I find it to be one of chromes best features!


I use Chrome to test code and what not. Edge is amazing for downloading a new browser. :grin::grin:

Firefox is my main browser (+ DuckDuckGo).

I want to stop using Google’s apps & services completely (at least those that require an account to use).

All major browsers have this and yes, it is godsent.

The issue is that Google Chrome is now logging you into the browser when you login to any Google service.

The sync feature is not enabled by default though [for now].


Yes, I understand the issue and it also affected me since I log on to multiple google accounts but still prefer sync with passphrase to be on for my main account. I just used an incognito window to log into other accounts. Google has heard peoples cry and put in a toggle to switch off this behavior in addition to some other UI changes. It probably won’t placate those raising a ruckus since it’s opt-out.


This never gets old. Hahaha.

The Firefox container extension does this much cleaner. You could even be logged in to two accounts in the same browser window.

It’s a really useful feature for those conscious of their online privacy.


You have to use Chrome flags to opt-out (Before the change, that is). Why didn’t they put a toggle in the settings page from the beginning, mmmh? Why not opt-in?

They would not be in this shitstorm (at least not as big) if they just informed people before activating the feature.

Then there is this little nugget of gold.

We’re also going to change the way we handle the clearing of auth cookies. In the current version of Chrome, we keep the Google auth cookies to allow you to stay signed in after cookies are cleared. We will change this behavior that so all cookies are deleted and you will be signed out.

I saw something about it on Reddit and didn’t pay too much attention. It finally clicked after I read this.

When I clear my browser cookies, I want to clear EVERYTHING. But no, Google thinks you should stay logged into their services. This is even more concerning to me.

It seems like they really want to outdo Old Microsoft.


Micro$oft in it’s current form doesn’t care much about user privacy.


I hear that gmail classic holdouts woke up to a rude shock this morning. Google is forcing a mandatory shift to the new gmail interface. I guess old chrome design fans should prepare coz they may be next.


Btw there is a feature that probably mostly of us missed in the new chrome. On the home page, down on the bottom right there’s a settings icon to set chrome background. Same backgrounds as the android google wallpaper app.



My new Chrome logs me out of all my Google accounts every day. Is this happening to me alone? I have to log into my accounts on a daily basis. It never used to happen with the previous versions of Chrome.


Can’t relate, Firefox is better :grin:

More seriously, do you have the standard privacy settings? What extensions are you using? Those are the usual culprits.


I’m not sure if it has anything to do with privacy settings or extensions that I’m using because I haven’t changed them or added any. I think I’m going to downgrade or better yet, let me check out Firefox, seems you’re enjoying :thinking::thinking::grin:


Since this thread started I have switched to Firefox and gotten used to it. I am using it on desktop and mobile and I can’t complain.


Any luck with this issue?


Not yet but someone suggested that I uninstall and remove all chrome related files then reinstall it and see if sorts out the issue.

I have seen on several forums a number of people complaining about this issue.


Google released an update like four days ago. I did the update and still the problem is persistent. Affecting Google accounts and Twitter. The rest of websites are okay.

But I’m going to make a switch to Firefox. I don’t understand how Chrome gobbles nearly 1G of RAM for one tab and Firefox 200MB of RAM for the same content. Mtu anichanue


As of the update that I have installed today, I unfortunately have to inform everyone that this no longer works. The settings under UI Layout for the browser’s top chrome no longer revert back to the old chrome style, and instead appear to just mess with the logos on bookmarks.


I’ll check today, my Chrome still has the old layout, even though I have been using Firefox as my browser for a while now.