Have you tried the new YouTube Go?


Have you tried the YouTube Go app?

I just dont think that’s I actually what was expected. Its worse than Youtube experience on Mobile browser! Unless they do better touches its a Shady app


I’m not going to be objective here; that app is meeeh. Hardly use it because it’s visually unappealing.


The app was made for those who care more about data consumption than user experience. So it is expected that the UX would not be as appealing as we’re used to


The only appealing thing about it is the sharing downloaded videos part. Other than that, the data saving is not as useful as it is touted to be. In the regular YouTube app you choose the video resolution when saving videos for offline. That’s all the data savings I need.

Frankly I haven’t tried the app but that’s because I don’t see the need for it. I don’t need the sharing part because most of what I watch on YouTube is niche content that few other people would watch. Also I saw that it is optimized for less powerful phones and data savings (read fugly user experience) hence my aversion towards it.


Nah,i just stuck to the regular youtube app. my youtube go experience was terrible.


I’m surprised you guys even tried it… haha


Its in beta lakini