Hacking MPESA PINs



Been asked to refund the cash, my KCB MPesa balance is -51,579/- bahati kanitoka, but I wonder how such an error can occur and if it would be wrong for one to not pay, I don’t have a loan and I didn’t apply for one, there was just cash in my account, haisuru


Sorry, but this got me laughing.


Did they call you to inform you to refund the money?


CRB knock! Knock!


Have you considered the fact that Safaricom guys may have seen your post and alerted KCB? :joy:
You should have laid low and see if they will notice. At least it’s not like anyone sent you the cash to claim it back. Am disappointed in you :persevere::grin:


Yes today morning, but they didn’t ask me to refund immediately no timelines given but will just deposit it since it’s in my mpesa.


They updated the app to show negative balance before the call came, so even when i got the call the disappointment had sunk, I was planning to get myself a nokia 7, :sweat::sweat::sweat: machos tu


Now I’m still waiting for the 80k person to give us an update on how things are going…



On the real though sorry for the quick reversal in fortunes.


Naona nikiomba nipewe bundles :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Unlikely. You’ll be told that the idea was already in the pipeline and that yours was a lucky guess so there is no claim on your end. Speak to some devs who had good ideas and even better intentions trying to partner with safcon and you’ll realize this is SOP for them.

Someone once sent me money to my MPESA (but since I check safcon once a day didn’t see it immediately) and frantically kept calling. When I finally answered they said they made a mistake and I should send the money back. I told them if it was a mistake let safcon reverse the transaction from their end. They tried telling me I should ‘do the right thing’ but told them I don’t know who they are and to just follow the reporting procedure. This way, they’ll be more attentive to details next time they’re sending money.

They did get it back eventually - I wasn’t going to spend it.

I have received random amounts of money but later learnt it was money I’d loaned someone who I didn’t think would pay back but they did. This money comes from Bank to MPESA and the senders rarely follow up (maybe they’re too embarrassed?) so I have to go back and check my loan entries to match amounts with sender profiles.

If I receive an unfamiliar transaction - an amount I cannot match to a profile - I research the sender and use it as an icebreaker when reaching out to the business owner. Few things get the attention of a CEO as someone telling them their accountant might have sent money by mistake. Returning it is a great first impression.

If I ever see a work gig I’m interested in posted by said company, I already have an impeccable resume :slight_smile: