Hacking MPESA PINs



For your own sake, I do hope that it doesn’t come back to bite you.


Kesi baadaye is the slogan she was halfway through it when she told me


It’s a relative and no matter what she is told she woun’t return it anasema ni bahati yake. I wanted to share the screenshots unfortunately amekataa


I hope she knows it’s against the law to spend M-Pesa money that wasn’t meant for you. Kesi baadaye could actually end up being a lot of trouble for her.


I have tried to explain it to her but she won’t listen. it’s her time to ‘eat’ saf have ‘stolen’ a lot from her


Your relative won’t be saying that when those charming fellows from CID are knocking at her door. Better safe than sorry.


Ndio nimejua leo :joy::joy: and considering its 80k, someone will actually come for it. But I guess if ni less than 5k it may be costly to recover through CIDs, Safaricom just negates your account :joy::joy: until you fully pay the cash. hence it warrants “kesi baadaye” :grin:


I have done my part huko mbele atajipanga


Hahahah… Wow…

Kenyans though. Eti it’s her time to eat.


Kidogo kidogo hawa ndiyo walikua watu wa mkono NYS


Her exact words. she’s enjoying the cash a phone here, a trip there, some clothes the list is endless


Kenyans and our pata potea culture. SMH.



Picked this up from Buyer Beware


Keyans are getting technical I see…


hizi ndio shida za kufunza msee IT and leaving him or her jobless during this digital error atajiemploy na akule vizuri by putting skills into test.


Using Safaricom’s number to steal from a customer. That is the same as the comment we’ve read above ya 80K kutumwa bila sender ID.


If caller ID spoofing is actually taking place then perhaps its time for the mobile money providers to enhance their security. I’m thinking about token based two factor authentication.

With the right equipment, spoofing caller IDs is laughably simple to do.


I installed the Safaricom app today, I checked my KCB mpesa account, I never use KCB mpesa but my balance was 51,579/- am I lucky or will it be asked back? As a true Kenyan, I transferred the amount to my mpesa just to be sure, I will wait 48 hours for any claims


Does KCB Mpesa work on your Safaricom App? i use KCB Mpesa alot but access it through the phones SIM Tool kit. I tried the Safaricom App version but it kept telling me to activate using my KCB Mpesa pin of which when i do brings a system error. That same pin works on the SIM Tool kit version bila problems.

I called KCB bank and they told me they don’t deal with KCB Mpesa, that is a Safaricoms service which they don’t have control over. They only deal with their own bank app.


Call Safaricom and they will probably tell you the opposite is true. It is called KCB M-Pesa. They are the ones providing the loans and keeping the savings, Safaricom provides the technology, so to me, KCB should be able to resolve any issues.