Guys Windows Phone Help a Bit


On windows phone, when you send an MMS does it indicate on the message whether it’s an MMS that has been sent or it just indicates it as text?


People send these?


Just asking. There is something I need to know


People use these?


Not sure, that’s why I’m asking :grinning::grin: :grinning::grin::grinning::grin:


I hope you get an snwer


Well of course people use these, hater :unamused::smiley:

But im sorry cant help u here bro, despite owning a Windows phone last time i sent an MMS was back when WhatsApp wasn’t even there…, why would you still even wanna use MMS anyway😕


I also want to know


I just wanted to prove whether the screenshot of a message thread obtained from a windows phone was true or not. The person claimed to have sent an MMS but on the screenshot it was indicating the message as “TEXT” and not “Multimedia” or “MMS.” I also noted that there was no time stamp on the message unlike the rest of the messages displayed on the screenshot.

Unfortunately, the person has deleted the post.


I believe the message should be indicated as MMS or Multimedia and not TEXT.

Also, if the guy deleted the text message, then definitely it was a fake. Plus, no timestamp? Meaning it could have been faked.


Exactly what I wrote and that might be the reason why he chose to delete the post.


Actually @deewinc might be onto something. There is a startup that does advertisements via SMS. It’s not an MMS goes in just like a normal text but loads an image file.


I’m not, I have a Windows Phone and have never seen the use of sending an overpriced MMS.


What sorcery is this?


Also wanna knw how they do that


I also want to know how this is possible

#17, @MasterofCoin can better explain how they do it.