Gaming Megathread

Ironic after spending 50k on a gaming console :laughing:

I’m on team PC master race and with the discount offers on Steam, premium games sell for as low as 1 or 2k. To each his own, right?


true,affordable is relative…PS4 games are still more expensive than PC games

Far Cry New Dawn which is set for release next month is priced at 40 USD on Steam.

Unfortunately on PC it’s Windows only so I might be forced to shop for hardware.

Speaking of free things, have you tried fitgirl?

Yeeeeh fitgirl has really good cracked repacks of the latest PC games,i got AOE:Definitive Edition,NFS Payback and FIFA 19 from her repack site and they work so well,they are just the right size,the junk has been removed(other unecessary languages/files).Good thing is fitgirl also provides torrent links too,i dont think i have seen any cracked game that hasnt been repacked and availed on that site.

Is it on Ps4. …!?
Currently my gaming is only on Ps4, till I set up a gaming rig…

Only PC,I do part of my gaming on PC and part of it on PS4…it depends on the experience,i feel racing and football games tend to work better for me on PS4 and strategy and first person shooters better on PC…Some PC games like FIFA 19 and NFS Payback i play through my TV with a PS4 controller thanks to Steam Link for android tv

Is it because of the controller? If so, you know you can use an Xbox (and PS4, I think) controller on PC, right?

yeeeeeh its easier to use a controller on those games…btw i can use my PS4 controller with my PC…

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Some good news from Steam for Linux users. The latest beta allows Steam Play to emulate almost any Windows application which means more access to Windows exclusive titles.

For those that don’t know, Steam Play is an optimised version of the Wine emulator.

Anyone playing Apex on PS4? These randos are a bit too much :sweat_smile:

Hey. I do play Apex on PS4…
Try also here

ohoo, i need someone who really wanted to play COD4 search and destroy with my team of 5. i really need to get them

Where do I sign up…