Free streaming app 😂(tubi TV)


Not necessary to mention that in a public forum…
Some of us bought the boxes for that reason…
Wouldnt want the pipe to be turned off…


We can install the apps ourselves. I don’t its possible for them to block all the illegal streaming apps.


Through an update … …


If they block installing other apps then we won’t buy it…


Is the football streaming on this app real-time? Using streaming apps such as Soda player there is always a slight delay (like a minute or two). It’s really annoying especially if you hear people cheering or see them updating goals on social media and you are yet to see anything :joy::joy:


Ni kama bei ilikwamia 10k.


6K (5,999) for existing home fiber subscribers


By the way why have the price at 5,999 and not simply 6k. For me it is easier to have 6k for transactions.


No it’s not, pia mimi huskia watu kwa plot wakishangilia bao then two minutes later i see a goal on my end :smile: I am yet to find an app that is real time/precise when it comes to live tv streaming


In Marketing it’s a Pricing Psycology called Charm Pricing. It has long been an effective tactic to prompt customers to buy products e.g take two shops A and B selling product x, shop A sells product x at 1,000/- while shop B sells the same product x at 999/-. More customers tend to gravitate towards shop B, even if they will not buy it, it still attracted them to the shop, read, potential buyers or market traffic. Odd numbers are usually used here 995/-, 997/- but 999/- is the most popular


Mmm. That’s weird. Do ! most of these shops give you back the 1 Bob anyway


Yup, bora wamekuuzia na hujaenda pahali pengine. Mission accomplished :grin:


I don’t think I have been in a scenario of 1,000 and 999. Then decided on the 999


Then you are the other percentage of people who aren’t affected by charm price strategy :smile:I remember those days safaricom bundles mwitu were being sold by guyz on social media I tended to gravitate towards those sellers using charm price strategy than those selling kawaida i.e i’d easily buy from a seller selling 500MB at 199/- than go for the other selling 500/- at 200bob


That is the trick right there. It is supposed to lead you, the consumer, into making a subconscious decision.


Do we have Live Net TV for Android TV?


Yes, just sideload it and install. It also works on Amazons Firestick i installed one just last week


Yes,i been using it for a while now…get version 4.6,it works great btw


Wacha nikifika home leo that’s what I’ll do


Having a digital tv and an android box is the perfect mix…i have an x96 mini with 2gb ram and 16 gb internal…same one that has just been stated but mine never hangs…i prefer this to buying a smart tv…good apps out there for android are cyberflix tv which is a terrarium clone and works perfectly…you dont need a vpn for this…showbox tv is also a good one but you need a vpn…a good free vpn will be enough…