Faimba Telecoms? What do you think?


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This will be an interesting thing to watch as I’ve come to learn that you can’t make a call over 4G, try this. set 4G on your phone and ask for someone to call you, you’ll see it switch in realtime to 3G to receive the call and back to 4G when the call is done. This means that Faimba telecoms can only be a VoLTE telcom, In my opinion that’s not a mass market product unless it’s me who knows so little.


No wonder on the phones settings you cannot permanently ping the phone on 4G. I used an app to forcefully ping my Telkom line on 4G and tried to use the USSD menu and it did not work. So I thought may be the fault is with the app kumbe ni 4G.

Well, like they mentioned, their key product will be the provision of affordable internet. So I believe wale tunalia ooh hakuna fiber kwa nyumba za city council na flats we can relax and enjoy Faimba 4G.


The thing is that Faiba 4G will be a data first network. They can still implement VoLTE/VoIP for Voice. Smile Communications is doing the same in Nigeria and Tanzania ( https://smile.co.tz/voice/ ) charging users thru their bundles. Now how is this received by the market is another topic.


JTL biggest issue will be devices. The 700MHz isn’t the best when it comes to device ecosystem. Also,the number of devices supporting VOLTE are not so many. So JTL has to solve the chicken and egg problem(expand the network and devices at the same time) first for it to succeed.

I’m thinking they might target the home first-connecting a home don’t have to be sophisticated. A set top box would suffice(I think they have one already).

Those smile bundles are very expensive-KES 34,000 for 100GB? I hope we don’t get such offers from JTL.


Kwani ni bundles za simiti wanauza :joy::joy::joy:

ION, the 700MHz band is supported by most mid range to high end devices and since net is the core business, they can sale modems or routers for cheap.


How many people own or can afford a high end to mid range phone in Kenya? The mid range that you are talking about is probably worth over 20k(Samsung Galaxy A5/A7, Huawei P8) for it to have support for both the 700MHz(APT) and the 800. Most devices come with the 800MHz and for a good reason-most networks in MEA are based on the 800MHz rather than the 700MHz. This creates demand for phones that support the 800MHz and this demand enables manufacturers to have economies of scale. This translates to cheaper devices. So you can get a device like the Huawei y560 that supports the 800MHz for less than 10k. The only band more popular than the 800MHz is the 1800MHz.

Its hard to get a phone meant for the MEA region that only supports the 700MHz. So if you are interested in the 700MHz(JTL) you have find a device that supports both the 700 and 800MHz-which you can only get with the expensive mid range to high end devices

Once operators launch LTE on the 700MHz, then we might see more devices with the 700MHz at cheaper price points. The only regions where the 700MHz is the most popular band are the Americas. However, you can’t simply take a device from the U.S and use it in Kenya. Their 700 LTE networks have a different band plan so their devices will be incompatible with our 700 networks.

The device ecosystem for the 800MHz stretches from the low end to the high end while for the 700MHz it starts from mid end/range to high end. That’s why i’m saying the device ecosystem for the 700MHz is not the best.

That’s also the reason why i’m saying at first they might target the homes/stationary use-modems, STB(they can update their Faiba android box) etc which are not very expensive.

Those smile bundles are ridiculous.


Most of the mid range devices that is 35k+ come with LTE bands of over 7 bands and up. However, I think JTL will bring in modems and I’m sure they will combine it with a different band available in most cheaper phones like you have said.


They may also use this just to create cells with wifi coverage like Able Wireless does - but here they’d relay via 700Mhz for last mile and have a multiband router convert and broadcast the signal over a shopping mall or crowded stadium or a village. The conversion saves on everyone needing 700MHz.

I see VoLTE being a thing once this USSD nonesense is done away with. Pesalink API should really help with this as the only reason we use USSD is mobile money. Allow mobile money via whatsapp/fb and it’s bye bye feature phones.

Or like @martingicheru said, maybe we need more time to figure out or someone who knows more about their plans can tell us. This is why we need the insiders program (or whatever @aydensaruni wants to call it) so we can be told these things.


Jio 4G in India is really giving Airtel India headaches. Personally having VoLTE seems a very good step forward to the telecoms market. Imagine having a bundle to which you can surf & use it to call


Samsung Galaxy S8+ G955F (Europe, Global Single Sim) supports the following:

LTE band 1(2100), 2(1900), 3(1800), 4(1700/2100), 5(850), 7(2600), 8(900), 17(700), 20(800), 28(700)

The one in bold is the more popular of the 700MHz spectrums and might be the implemented in all future phones going forward. On the low to mid-range side, JTL might not be able to broadcast their signal directly to consumers most of whom use Tecno (:triumph:). Some like the Camon CX using a MT6750T processor while capable of mainstream IMS (including VoLTE, ViLTE, VoWiFi and RCS), might not support 700MHz just yet so perhaps @martingicheru can find out a little more about their strategy and inform us

Questions like are they using FDD or TDD because the band allocations are different, as seen here:


Read more about their Mid-Tier SoCs here:


Wow! Those are some amazing deals.

Unlimited 4G voice calls and SMS (capped at 100 texts per day) on all plans. Unlimited Data at 128 Kbps POST 4G Data.

60GB of 4G Data at around Ksh. 1,600 (2 months validity)

125GB of 4G Data at around Ksh. 3,200 (3 months validity)

750GB of 4G Data at around Ksh. 16,000 (6 months validity)

These plans sound too good to be true.


You got that right. My Gosh, Look at these plans… Unlimited calls, texts both Local & Roaming, with 28GB a month (their month is 28 days though, but you get a 56GB bonus the first time you subscribe) for KES 500!!!


Majority here would opt for this

because it doesn’t have Daily FUP


I agree,these plans are just too good to be true now


@TeriWanderi I would have loved if the following rates were to be available in this country. @Dree_Alexander kindly check out their homepage Jio Plans.


Heh those plans prices are so low, makes me wonder does it cost more for say safaricom if they decided to double their offerings?


Ohh my hehehe. They might combine it with a different band since Safaricom is on operating on three bands I think? I’m sure wataeka band ya watu wa Tecno, Infix, na Mwiko